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World Engineering Day 2023 Reaches more than 50 million around the world

Celebrations of World Engineering Day continue to grow. The WFEO LIVE event, Hackathon and other celebration events reached more than 50 million in 2023 on social media.

Celebrations of World Engineering Day continue to grow each year with hundreds of events held around the world.
Tweet from UNESCO on the need for more women engineering, World Engineering day 4 March 2023, 3.6 million followers, 3 tweets from UNESCO to celebrate World Engineering Day
The social media reach exceeds 50 million, a similar number was reached in 2022. This is an extraordinary achievement for World Engineering Day and for WFEO.

The theme of World Engineering Day 2023 was Engineering Innovation for a more Resilient World.

Events were held around the world and broadcast on the 24 hours World Engineering Day LIVE event which has more than 20,000 viewers, making it one of the largest