Membership Payment

Members will continue to hold full membership on payment of membership dues.

The normal way for payment of annual fees or other dues is preferably in euro, through bank transfer, to the following account:

Société Générale
Place de Fontenoy
75007 Paris (France)

IBAN: FR76 30003 – 03301 – 00037291644 – 19


WFEO suggests also two online payment services: Wise and Stripe.

1. Wise

Wise is an online payment service useful to members who use one of the currencies listed in this page.

If this is the case, Wise offers low transfer fees.

Note that the amount will be transfered online, within the Wise website, from your local currency to the WFEO Wise account in Euros.

The payment steps are the following:

1) You have first to create a profile in this page,

2) You have to set the total amount to pay (the WFEO membership fee + Wise fees).

The Wise fees depend on the currencies used, the amount of the transfer and the method of payment used.
In order to know ​​the price of a transfer, we suggest you to use the Wise price calculator in this page.

Please note that the WFEO account is in Euros.

3) Once the final amount is fixed, pay within your Wise account.

Email us at secretariat(at) and we will send you the information about the Wise WFEO account.

2. Stripe

Stripe is a payment processing platform.

You will be able to pay in Euros, without having to create an account, by clicking on a secure and personalized link corresponding to your membership fee.

The Stripe transaction fee is approximately 60 euros.

Email us at secretariat(at) and we will send you more information about the Stripe payment corresponding to your organization.