2019 – WFEO Declaration on Climate Emergency

WFEO, following its 2019 General Assembly in Melbourne, and in the frame of the COP25 held this week in Madrid, expresses its deep concern on the matter of climate emergency.
WFEO has summarized its position and commitment to act quickly through the following Declaration on Climate Emergency

WFEO Declaration on Climate Emergency

Declaración de la WFEO sobre la emergencia climática

Declaration de la FMOI sur l’urgence climatique

Declaración de la WFEO sobre la emergencia climática en la web del Instituto de la Ingenieria de España

WFEO Declaration on Climate Emergency webpage


2018 – The Paris Declaration: Advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals through Engineering

The Paris Declaration has been jointly signed by WFEO and UNESCO on our commitments to progress the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through engineering. This Declaration establishes the role that WFEO will play with UNESCO in leading engineering projects which meet this objective, it has been signed during the WFEO Symposium at the UNESCO Fontenoy Building on 7th March 2018.

The Paris Declaration
The Paris Declaration – booklet format
La Declaration de Paris – format livret


2013 – The Abuja Declaration

The Abuja Declaration

Declarations from World Engineers’ Conventions

2019 – World Engineers’ Convention – Melbourne

“Engineering a Sustainable World: The Next 100 Years”

The Melbourne Declaration


2015 – World Engineers’ Convention – Kyoto

“Engineering: Innovation and Society”

The Kyoto Declaration


2011 – World Engineers’ Convention – Geneva

“Engineers Power the World: Facing the Global Energy Challenge”

The Geneva Declaration


2008 – World Engineers’ Convention – Brasilia

“Engineering: Innovations with Social Responsibility”

The Brasilia Declaration


2004 – World Engineers’ Convention – Shanghai

“Engineers Shape the Sustainable Future”

The Shanghai Declaration


2000 – World Engineers’ Convention – Hanover

“Humankind – Nature – Technology”

The Hanover Declaration

Other Declarations


The Tunis Declaration on Engineering and food Security in Africa

The Tunis Declaration / La déclaration de Tunis


The Ljubljana Declaration on Construction Resilience

The Ljubljana Declaration



The Mombasa Declaration on Harvesting Blue Economy for Accelerated Economic Growth

The Mombasa Declaration on Harvesting Blue Economy for Accelerated Economic Growth was agreed by the participants of the 5th Africa Engineering Week 2018, held between 17-21 September in Mombasa, Kenya.

The Mombasa Declaration


The Beijing Declaration for Promoting Public Science Literacy Across the World

The Beijing Declaration for Promoting Public Science Literacy Across the World, was agreed by the international member organisations including WFEO, that attended the World Conference on Science Literacy 2018 held between 17-19 September in Beijing, China.

The Beijing Declaration


WFEO/FMOI 50th Anniversary Madrid Declaration: Water, the future that we want

WFEO was proud to be signatory to the declaration on progress the UN Sustainable Development Declaration on water (SDG 6) at the Symposium hosted by our national member IIE Spain on 1st March 2018

The Madrid DeclarationVersion española



Women In Engineering Declaration: Contributing to Global Sustainable Development – “Turning Words into Action”

The Women In Engineering Declaration



Lima Declaration: Increasing Resilience of Infrastructure vis-à-vis Natural and Man-made Disasters 2016

The Lima Declaration


2015 and before

Nuclear For Climate Declaration: International Congress on Advances on nuclear Power Plants 2015 in Nice, France

The Nuclear For Climate Declaration


Paris Statement: WFEO COP-21 Engineers Climate Change Summit 2015 – Turning Words Into Action – A Sectoral Approach

The Paris Statement


Singapore Declaration: World Engineering Summit 2013 – Engineering for a Sustainable Future

The Singapore Declaration


Ljubljana Declaration: World Engineering Forum 2012 – Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure

The Ljubljana Declaration