The Code of Ethics

In the course of engineering practice, professional engineers will:

Demonstrate integrity

1.1 Refrain from fraudulent, corrupt or criminal practices
1.2 Be objective and truthful
1.3 Practise fairly and with good faith towards clients, colleagues and others

Practise competently

2.1 Practise in a careful and diligent manner in accordance with their areas of competence
2.2 Practise in accordance with accepted engineering practices, standards and codes
2.3 Maintain and strive to enhance the body of knowledge in which they practise

Exercise leadership

3.1 Practise so as to enhance the quality of life in society
3.2 Strive to contribute to the advancement of the body of knowledge within which they practise, and to the profession in general
3.3 Foster the public’s understanding of technical issues and the role of engineering

Protect the natural and built environment

4.1 Create and implement engineering solutions for a sustainable future
4.2 Be mindful of the economic, societal and environmental consequences of actions or projects
4.3 Promote and protect the health, safety and well being of the community and the environment