• Women in Engineering (WIE) is a Standing Committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations with the purpose of Empowering Women in Engineering and Technology.–Yetunde Holloway, Chair of WIE (Nigeria)women@wfeo.org


There is a global effort to build and enhance the capacity of women generally in order to participate in the Social and Economic development of nations. However, greater effort is needed to enhance the participation of women in Engineering and Technology in various fora for Leadership and Technological advancement.

The need to empower Women in Engineering and Technology and encourage equal opportunities for professional development and achievement to the WFEO and the society at large led to WIE Committee been set up. This was to help increase the visibility and participation of women engineers within WFEO while also helping to boost their capability and leadership skills to achieve a high level of commitment, competency and responsibility towards the society.


WiE will use her worldwide membership, collective power and technology to achieve an engineering profession which attracts, retains, promotes, and welcomes the inputs of women and other under-represented groups. Our skills will be used to create positive impact on the Sustainable Development Goals as we support outreach activities, capacity building, training, and empowerment of women to attain leadership positions, with equal compensations.

Mission Statement

To achieve a diverse and inclusive engineering sector, where all individuals have equality of opportunity to succeed, which welcomes and utilises the perspectives of all, and which works to address the global challenges as described by the Sustainable Development Goals.

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