• The Committee on Engineering and the Environment (CEE) engages in a facilitating role among its members and the WFEO community. Where necessary, this role may include leadership and coordination among members and other committees of WFEO.–Davide Stronati, Chair of CEE (UK)environment(at)wfeo.org


The Institution of Civil Engineers is delighted to have taken over as host of the Committee on Engineering and the Environment (CEE). It is a challenging act to follow Engineers Canada in this role, since they have served as host of the Committee for two 4-year terms, from November 2007 to December 2015, but one that the ICE looks forward very much to developing and delivering.

Engineers Canada prepared the Committee’ Strategic Plan (available through the link on the left side of this page), which was formally approved by CEE members in September 2011. The Strategic plan is a living document that will evolve as the work evolves. From time to time the plan may be amended as the work of the various themes progresses and future opportunities arise.

This current plan builds on the outcomes of the 2008-2011 plan by continuing the work in some themes and undertaking work on new themes that have been proposed by WFEO member countries. The ICE will continue the work of Engineers Canada, with Committee Members, to keep the plan alive, updated and relevant.

This Committee assumes its responsibilities and operate in accordance with “Annex C – Standing Committees” that is included as part of the current WFEO Constitution. Appropriate Sections of that Annex were incorporated in this plan under operations and finances.

Finally on this introductory CEE page, ICE wishes – on behalf of all the Committee’s Members and Observers – to express their warm thanks to Engineers Canada, and especially Chairman Darrell Danyluk and Secretary David Lapp, for all their hard work for the Committee and WFEO more generally over the last eight years. Much has been achieved, and the ICE looks forward to guiding the torch towards the century’s 2nd decade.