• The Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (CEIT) has set its objectives in the area of technological advancements to identify and promote suitable technologies for sustainable development, especially in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the relevant agenda.–Jing Peng, Chair of CEIT (China)Contact the committee at: inno vation@wfeo.org (without the space)


The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) serves as the host of the Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (CEIT) from 2019 to 2023. The Committee was earlier known as WFEO Standing Technical Committee on Technology and was transferred from Puerto Rico in November 2007. The Institution of Engineers India (IEI) hosted the Committee from 2007 to 2015.

After its second term from September 2011 to the WFEO General Assembly in December 2015, approved by the WFEO General Assembly in Kyoto in 2015, the committee is transferred to CAST. As UN has announced its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Agenda for sustainable development for 2030, CAST has prepared the strategic plan for CEIT to engage itself actively with the sustainable development agenda by promoting the frontier innovative technologies to enhance the engineering capabilities of all countries especially developing counties for sustainable development.


WFEO-CEIT is dedicated to be a leading international comprehensive platform for engineering professionals from multi-stakeholders to:

  • Identify the next innovative technologies for sustainable development.
  • Share the innovative engineering experience in building a sustainable society.
  • Enhance the national and international collaboration among multi-stakeholders to promote the innovative technology engineering for facilitating a sustainable world.


  • To play an active role in tracing technology innovation trend and identifying the new innovative technologies which are essential to sustain the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.
  • To increase the public recognition of the best engineering practice for the innovative technology to promote the applications of them around the world.
  • To foster interactions and collaboration among multi-stakeholders like engineering professionals, governments, financing institutions along with civil societies to build an eco-system for innovative technology engineering.
  • To support policy making with professional knowledge so as to make the society benefit from the innovation engineering.


The WFEO–CEIT shall support the WFEO and the engineering profession worldwide especially in developing countries by:

A. Propagation

Society needs awareness of the technological advancement and new findings, that come into existence in various sectors for adoption and effective usage. The Committee will take up propagating the aspects of the technologies by reaching out to the people especially in developing countries by conferences or workshops, training courses, video presentations, webinars, distribution of hand bills and bulletins.

B. Promotion

The Committee, in order to promote innovative technology, will provide consultants and mentorship support to young engineers and engineering students carrying out R&D projects with innovative technologies. This is to improve the quality of technical education as well as to support young entrepreneurs with innovations and inventions.

Operating Principles

The WFEO-CEIT will conduct its business in a transparent, inclusive and consultative manner among its members as well as the other committees and structures within the WFEO by:

  • Working with international and local organizers to organize projects and advance progress in focus areas.
  • Encouraging collaboration among committee members as well as other standing committees of the WFEO as appropriate.
  • Focusing on concrete and measurable deliverables and tracking progress.
  • Communicating in an open, forthright and timely manner.
  • Reporting to, and liaising with, the WFEO Executive Board and Council.

The WFEO-CEIT 2011-2015 strategic plan to improve the utilization of limited financial and volunteer resources. The plan is a ‘living’ document will be updated accordingly.

The WFEO-Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies focuses on recognizing and promoting the worldwide contributions of women engineers and young engineers by quilting and disseminating good practices and to initiate dialogue with governments, international agencies, industries and other stake-holders to promote the objectives of WFEO.

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