• The Committee on Information and Communication (CIC) holds as a duty to help lead forward the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in order for it to be applied globally, and focuses on developing countries where narrowing the gap has become essential.–Wael Abdulmajeed, Chair of CIC (Irak)Contact the Committee Chair at: information-and-communi cation@wfeo.org (without the space)


The WFEO Committee on Engineering for Information & Communication” (WFEO-CIC) is hosted by the Iraqi Engineers’ Union for the term 2024-2027.

Mission Statement

The WFEO Committee on Information and Communication (CIC) is committed to advancing the global engineering community through effective communication, information dissemination, and technological innovation.

Over the next four years, our strategic focus will be on promoting sustainable development, fostering collaboration, and enhancing the visibility and impact of WFEO and its member organizations.


To be the leading force in leveraging information and communication technologies for the betterment of the global engineering community, contributing significantly to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Strategic Objectives

  • Enhance Communication Platforms: Develop and implement a comprehensive communication strategy to enhance engagement with WFEO members and the broader engineering community.
  • Capacity Building: Organize workshops and training programs to enhance the digital literacy and communication skills of engineers worldwide, fostering a culture of continuous learning.
  • Global Outreach: Establish partnerships with international engineering organizations, institutions, and industry leaders to amplify the impact of WFEO’s initiatives.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices through the organization of conferences, webinars, and publications, with a focus on sustainable engineering solutions.