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The #EngineeringChange report

The #EngineeringChange campaign is a global initiative led by the International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) and the WFEO Young Engineers/Future Leaders Working Group on Climate Action (YE/FL SDG13), to empower young engineers to take action on the implementation of sustainable development in their workplaces, communities, and networks.

The #EngineeringChange report summarizes the key findings of an international consultation of young engineers and managers undertaken between October and November 2023 and outlines the objectives for the campaign. It has been officially launched at COP28 UAE, during the “Engineering Action: Influencing the future of the built & natural environment” side event, held on 3 December 2023.

Notably, the consultation revealed an overwhelmingly positive response from young engineers on the value that they place on sustainable development in their work, adding to their job satisfaction and sense of purpose.

Several calls to action have been identified for individuals and organizations to accelerate engineering change, including building capacity within the workforce, rapidly creating opportunities for upskilling, championing the business case for sustainable development practices, and driving advocacy and training.
For more information:

“#EngineeringChange: Consultation Report” page on the ICSI website

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