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Signing of commitment to deliver the first transmission network for a Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) by Endeavour Energy in partnership with Acciona and Cobra

Dr Marlene Kanga AO, (Far Right), Director Endeavour Energy – Electricity Retained Interest Corporation (ERIC-E), representing the NSW Government’s 49.6 per cent stake interest in Endeavour Energy, signed the Deeds on behalf of ERIC-E on 18 December 2023.
The Australian government has entered a Commitment Deed with “ACEREZ”, a consortium comprised of Acciona, Cobra and Endeavour Energy as preferred Network Operator for the Renewable Energy Zone (REZ).

The consortium ACEREZ has signed on to seek approval to deliver, operate and maintain the REZ transmission network for the next 35 years. This includes new high-capacity transmission lines, energy hubs and related infrastructure.

Endeavour Energy signed the commitment to partner with Acciona and Cobra, Madrid based companies, to form ACEREZ, the preferred network operator to deliver the first 6GW capacity renewable energy zone. The partnership will design, build, operate and maintain the transmission network for the New South Wales (NSW) Government’s first Renewable Energy Zone in Australia – in the Central West Orana region of New South Wales.

The new transmission infrastructure will enable generators such as solar and wind farms and energy storage providers in the REZ to connect to the electricity grid at a scale never seen before. This will provide a reliable supply of clean, affordable electricity for households and businesses across NSW while helping to meet the state’s newly legislated Net Zero targets. This is a great example of how engineers are leading the energy transition to meet the world’s net zero targets.

This is the first time the NSW Government has competitively procured a new transmission network, with delay and cost overrun risks to be substantially borne by the Network Operator, rather than passing them straight to electricity consumers.

The project is an example of how engineers are facilitating the energy transition to a net carbon zero future and to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Article provided by Dr Marlene Kanga AO FTSE FREng – Former President World Federation of Engineering Organisations (2017-2019)
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