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WFEO President attented the 4th World Intelligence Congress – WIC2020

The 4th World Intelligence Congress (WIC2020), supported by WFEO, was successfully held online in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic around the globe, in Tianjin from June 23 to June 24, 2020 under the theme of “Intelligence New Era: Innovation, Energization and Ecology”.

Prof. GONG Ke, President of WFEO, presided the opening and closing ceremonies and moderated the WIC Summit. He remarked after the congress that the WIC2020 is an innovative form of large conference multiplying the influence of WIC through online broadcasting and cloud exhibition.

Prof. GONG Ke, President of WFEO, at the opening ceremony


On the opening ceremony, Mr. WANG Gang, Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) made a keynote speech. Mr. LI Hongzhong, Secretary of CPC Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, Mr. LI Xiaohong, President of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Mr. Park Won Soon, Mayor of Seoul, addressed on the opening ceremony.

Directly after the opening ceremony, it was the WIC Summit. Representatives from the global intelligence technology industry and academia delivered keynote speeches on site or via video connection. Among them include GAO Wen, academician of CAE, Mark Ren, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent, Max Tegmark, tenured professor at the MIT Department of Physics, YANG Yuanqing, Chairman of Lenovo Group, Ian Yang, Global Vice President of Intel Corporation, Edmund Phelps, laureate of Nobel Economics Award, WANG Jian, Chairman of the Technical Committee of Alibaba Group, Raj Reddy, winner of Turing Award, and ZHOU Hongyi, Chairman and CEO of Qihoo 360.

Mark Ren, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent with the topic “Tech for Social Good: Contribution of AI in Intelligent Society”


Edmund Phelps, laureate of Nobel Economics Award, with keynote speech on “Artificial Intelligence: Welfare Economy and Ethics”


Max Tegmark, tenured professor at the MIT, talking about “The role of artificial intelligence in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”


Raj Reddy, Winner of Turing Award, with keynote speech “AI 2.0 in Post-Coronavirus Era”

The 4th World Intelligence Congress continued the modes with “conferences, exhibitions, contests and intelligence experience” to hold six cloud events (cloud promotion, cloud release, cloud bilateral talk, cloud intelligence experience, cloud intelligence technology exhibition, world intelligent driving challenge contest), “Fifth Space” intelligent safety competition, Tianjin “Haihe Talents” Entrepreneurial Competition, as well as 13 cloud parallel forums, cloud and on-site contract signing activities.

The Cloud Intelligence Exhibition is available in this page.


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