WFEO is leading the proposal to declare 4th March, the anniversary of the founding of WFEO in 1968, as the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development.

Engineers and engineering will be celebrated each year, as well as the important contributions of the profession to sustainable development and modern life.

Engineers and engineering are crucial to address the risks of climate change and to ensure sustainable development.

They are essential for resilience to climate change and to design and develop resilient infrastructure that will withstand the increasing weather related events – floods, cyclones and bush fires especially in developing countries, Asia, Africa and Small

Island Developing States (SIDS), that are most exposed to these risks.

Engineers are needed to design and implement technologies that will achieve the targets set at COP21 for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We have received some 80 letters of support from peak international and national institutions, academies and national commissions to UNESCO.

The UNESCO Executive Board adopted a draft decision on 17 April in plenary session, recommending that the General Conference in November 2019 “decide to proclaim 4 March of every year World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development».


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The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development – Item 36 in the agenda of the 206th UNESCO Executive Board session
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