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World Engineering Day 2024 celebration by the Institution of Engineers, Mauritius

The World Engineering Day was celebrated jointly by Institution of Engineers Mauritius (IEM) in collaboration with the University of Mauritius (UoM) and Université des Mascareigns (UdM) at the Core Building, in Ebene on 04 March, 2024.

This significant occasion brought together professionals, academics and industry leaders to celebrate the role of engineering in advancing sustainable development. The chief guest for the event was the Hon. Kavydass Ramano, Minister of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change.

The World Engineering Day (WED) event was a collaborative effort involving key stakeholders from various sectors. Notable contributors included Transinvest Co. Ltd, a prominent player in the civil engineering /construction sector.

Purpose and focus

The event aimed to underscore the importance of engineering in addressing global challenges and promoting sustainable practices. Engineers, researchers, students and industry experts were convened to share their insights, discuss innovative solutions, and explore collaborative opportunities for the advancement of engineering excellence.

Key collaborators

1. Transinvest CO. Ltd.
As an industry collaborator Transinvest Co. Ltd played a pivotal role in contributing insights and real world perspectives to the discussions. Their expertise in sustainable construction and commitment to reducing carbon emissions added valuable dimensions to the event. Building better with less CO2 and $ is their theme for research and development in road construction.

2. Universite des Mascareignes (UdM) & University of Mauritius (UoM)
These academic institutions brought a wealth of knowledge and research findings to the table. Their participation underscored the crucial role of academia in shaping the future of engineering by fostering research, education, and knowledge transfer.

The findings of a research from UdM based on Green Engineering for flood risk management in Port Louis was unveiled to the audience. Flooding is now a significant concern since Port Louis has recently witnessed its catastrophic consequences resulting in loss of lives and property.

UoM Researchers made a presentation on Resilient Cities and Infrastructure outlining the recommendations for SIDS in addressing the challenges to build resilient infrastructure. It addressed among others the road map for Resilient Infrastructure & Cities namely Water, Energy, Transport, Food Security, Planning & Disaster.

Highlights of the event

The World Engineering Day celebration featured engaging sessions & discussions and presentations on the above topics. Participants involving students delved into subjects such as sustainable infrastructure, environmental impact assessment, and the integration of cutting edge technologies in engineering practices. The collaborative spirit of the event facilitated the exchange of ideas and best practices among attendees.

Outcomes and future initiatives

The collaborative efforts of industry and academia showcased the potential for synergy in addressing contemporary engineering challenges. As a result of the discussions, potential areas for future research, collaborations, joint projects, and knowledge sharing initiatives emerged.

Strong message from the Govt. of Mauritius (GOM)
The Hon. Minister of Environment delivered a key note speech in which he highlighted the GOM commitment for sustainable development as well as put a lot of emphasis in adaptation measures as opposed to mitigative measures as the Climate Change impacts are bearing heavily on the national budget.
The minister put forth the significance of engineers regarding innovation and developing new and improved solutions to challenges from Climate Change to healthcare in an effort to create a better future for all.

National Coverage of the WED activities
The event was covered by the National TV and Radio, as well as by the Government Information Service which shares the information on the event with the media both formal and informal.
The President of IEM had his message on WED published in the Le Mauricien, a national newspaper on the same day.


The World Engineering Day event organized by the Institution of Engineers Mauritius, with collaboration from Transinvest Co. Ltd, Université des Mascareignes, and the University of Mauritius, served as a catalyst to fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the engineering domain. This report captures the essence of the insightful discussions and collaborative spirit that characterized this noteworthy event.


We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants, collaborators and organizing team who contributed to the success of the World Engineering Day Celebration.
Report by Kamlesh Greedharry, IEM Executive Council Secretary, 08 March 2024
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