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WFEO-WIE webinar to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day INWED – “The Lives of Women: Enhanced by Engineering”

The WFEO Committee on Women in Engineering organized the webinar “The Lives of Women: Enhanced by Engineering” in celebration of the International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) on Friday 21 June 2024.
The recording is available by clicking on the below image.

Engineering and technology have an enormous role to play in enhancing our lives. Engineers literally build the world around us, and as engineers, we have a huge influence on the lives of people, and the planet. From the products and services we produce, to the resources and materials we mine and manufacture in order to create these engineered solutions.

The importance of engineering and technology on the lives of women is recognised in Sustainable Development Goal 5, with a target to ‘enhance the use of enabling technology to promote the empowerment of women.’

One way to ensure that the lives of women are enhanced by engineering is to have a diverse and inclusive engineering sector where women are equally represented. But ensuring that engineering is accessible and inclusive of all is incumbent upon all engineers, not just women or those representing minoritised groups.

In this webinar we explored these issues and hear from speakers who are ensuring that the work that they do in engineering is enhancing the lives of all women – and all people equally.

Main Host:



  • Janet Zehnder (Peru), Chemical Engineer, MBA, Operations Manager, Tin Refinery
  • Ir. Heng Lee Sun (Malaysia), Director, HLS Pro Construction Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia
  • Ken Dunn (UK), Founder & Chairperson of Africa’s Gift (charity), and Founder & Managing Director of Eternal Flame Worldwide Limited.
  • Samukhele Mwase (Zambia), Clean Energy and Sustainability Specialist & Consultant, Franklin Engineer LTD., Zambia

Closing remarks:

  • Agness Mofya Mwansa (Zambia), Co-chair of WIE Theme 4: Working in Partnership to address the SDGs, with a particular emphasis on Goal 5 and its relationship with the other Goals


For more information:

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