WFEO participation at the World Scientific and Engineering Congress – WSEC 2017

WFEO participation at the World Scientific and Engineering Congress - WSEC 2017

The World Scientific and Engineering Congress (WSEC 2017) took place during the EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan last 19-21 June. The theme of this congress was “Energy of the future: innovative scenarios and methods of their implementation”, dedicated to the overarching theme of the EXPO 2017.

As an expert in solar energy, Prof. Dr. Carsten Ahrens was invited to participate in the congress as chairman of the Solar Energy Group of the WFEO Standing Technical Committee on Energy (see e.g. the Study on Solar Energy in the WFEO website). He was member of the International Programme Committee and session moderator of Section 1 “Sources and Technologies of Future energy – fundamental Trends and Prospects”. In this position he contributed to the advertising pre-programme with a short – and non-professional – film, which can be seen on Youtube or on this page.

Prof. Dr. Carsten Ahrens in the congress hall

Prof. Dr. Carsten Ahrens in the congress hall


As invited speaker, Carsten Ahrens presented the paper “The Kazakh Future Energy Transition: how Germany can contribute” tackling the Kazakh situation of having an enormous amount of solar – and wind – power in Kazakhstan all over the year and the possibilities to harvest this kind of renewable/green/future energies in a smart and sustainable way.

But up to now nearly all electricity is produced by fossils, and big investments have to be taken to implement future energy capacities. According to the successful German way, reliable feed-in tariffs are granted by law and even attached to the national inflation rate.

Prof. Dr. Carsten Ahrens (right) with Prof. Dr. Klaus Riedle, Siemens (father of the high efficient gas turbine) with their two volunteering students in front of the congress hall

Prof. Dr. Carsten Ahrens (right) with Prof. Dr. Klaus Riedle, Siemens (father of the high efficient gas turbine) with their two volunteering students in front of the congress hall


So far, it is still a share of less than 3%. The ambitious goal is a green share of more than 50% in 2050. The paper shows the necessity to involve the citizens in the transition process by education and financial interests, and not leave the development just the (former) big players in the energy/electricity sector.

The congress attracted many scientists and engineers from all over the world. The variety of sections was large and the level of quality was high, even if the possibility for discussions mainly was reduced to times “behind” the panels. The atmosphere was a little bit hectic like at all such big events, but warm and friendly.

WFEO was also represented by Samuel Grossman, Vice President of WFEO in charge of its Committee on Energy.


Report by Carsten Ahrens.


For more information:

  WSEC 2017 website

  Carsten Ahrens’s Study on Solar Energy

  WFEO Committee on Energy (CE) website

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