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WFEO Participation in the 23rd China Beijing International High-Tech Expo

President of World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) Gong Ke was invited to host an exhibition at the 23rd China Beijing International High-Tech Expo that was held with ZGC Forum in Beijing from September 17-20, 2020.

The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the national member of WFEO, China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).

WFEO President Gong Ke during his presentation “A Sustainable Future: Young Engineers and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

WFEO was invited to have a booth at the Expo under the theme “Engineering for Sustainable Development” to promote the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals to the audience. Online exhibition and live streaming devices were also applied to demonstrate the important role of engineering and engineers in promoting Sustainable Development Goals.

Workshops on “A Sustainable Future: Young Engineers and the Fourth Industrial Revolution” co-hosted by WFEO Engineering for Innovative Technologies Committee (CEIT) and YE/FL and “Forum of Engineering for Sustainable Development” were also held both on site and online.

At the “Young Engineers and the Fourth Industrial Revolution” webinar available in this page, President Gong Ke discussed with the participants on the topic and encouraged young engineers to acquire the knowledge of information technology, abide by engineering ethics, carry out interdisciplinary and transregional cooperation, and contribute to sustainable development.

Yohan Ramasundara, Immediate Past President of Australian Computer Society; Carol Cai, Product Owner of Digital Manufacturing in SAP; and Firas Bou Diab, Chair of WFEO Young Engineers / Future Leaders Committee (YE/FL), were also invited to attend the webinar and delivered keynote speeches in succession.

Mr. Yohan Ramasundara emphasized the value of engineering and the important role of engineering in human economy and society, and he advised engineers to forge themselves into innovation and keep pace with times; Ms. Cai introduced the innovative practices of Industry 4.0 and SAP in Industry 4.0; Mr. Firas Bou Diab stressed the central role young engineers played in the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Experts from WFEO also came to the site at the “Engineering for Sustainable Development” workshop to introduce to the public the great practices of engineering contributing to sustainable development.

President Gong Ke pointed out in the workshop that engineering and engineers played a major role for sustainable development and he introduced the efforts the WFEO had put forth in driving the SDGs.

Professor Wang Sunyu, Deputy Director,ICEE UNESCO stressed that China, as a major country in engineering education would contribute to the development of engineering education in the world through more extensive international cooperation and consultations.

Professor Sun Hongbin, Vice-Chairman of WFEO Committee on Energy presented in his report how the Energy Management System (EMS) developed in China and facilitated greatly the SDGs by optimizing allocation of resources.

WFEO Committee on Energy member Prof. Sun Hongbin during his presentation

Professor He Jing, member of the WFEO Engineering and the Environment Committee talked about her opinions about the sustainable development from the perspective of working as an architect engineer.

Professor Cheng Mingming, member of the WFEO Information and Communication Committee illustrated the important role of engineering technology and artificial intelligence technology in helping to achieve the goal of “good health and well-being”.



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