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Update on Project with International Engineering Alliance (IEA) and WFEO

Review the IEA Graduate Attributes and Professional Competencies Framework

WFEO has an MoU with IEA which was renewed in November 2019 and which established a Working Group to review the IEA Graduate Attribute and Professional Competency Framework which is the basis for mutual recognition of engineering qualifications and professional credentials across more than 30 countries.

The Working Group has the following objectives:

1. Review of Global benchmark – for engineering graduate’s outcomes – to reflect changes in societal needs and new thinking including:

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Emerging technologies and disciplines in engineering
  • Rapidly changing technology environment and learning systems
  • Ethics
  • Lifelong learning

2. Review of Global benchmark – professional competencies – so graduates and engineering practitioners meet employer / employability needs/expectations including requirements for lifelong learning

This important project is led by WFEO Immediate Past President Dr Marlene Kanga and is expected to have outcomes that will transform engineering education and engineering practice, making it more contemporary and reflecting new technologies and values. UNESCO is a key partner, reflecting the importance of this project.

Working Group Members

The members of the WFEO-IEA Working Group are:
Chair: IEA Nominated – Prof. Ari Bulent Ozguler MUDEK, Turkey

IEA Members (all signatories)

  • Prof Mitsunori Makino and Ms Akiko Takahashi (JABEE), Japan
  • Prof Barry Clarke (Engineering Council UK), UK
  • Ms Bernadette Foley (Engineers Australia), Australia

WFEO Members

  • Dr Marlene Kanga, WFEO President 2017-2019, Australia
  • Mr WANG Sunyu (Vice Director General, ICEE Tsinghua University), China
  • Prof. Dr Charlie Than, (President, Myanmar Engg. Council), Myanmar
  • Dr Michael Milligan (Chief Executive, ABET) – representing IFEES, USA

Others from ICEE China:

  • Mr KANG Jincheng, Strategic Specialist, ICEE
  • Mr QIAO Weifeng, Asst Professor Inst. Of Education Tsinghua University and ICEE
  • Mr XU Lihui, Research Associate, Inst. Of Education Tsinghua University and ICEE

Work Schedule

  • Review current frameworks, draft discussion document for consultation Oct-2019 – June 2020 (complete)
  • Draft presented to IEA Annual meeting in June 2020 (complete)
  • Consultation: July 2020 – Dec 2020 (in progress)
  • Revise and Finalise IEA Annual meeting June 2021 and WFEO General Assembly 2021

During July 2020, three consultation webinars were held for WFEO members and partners, two hosted by WFEO and one hosted by IFEES with 750+ attendees, from 55 countries as summarised in the table below:

Continent Number of attendees
Africa 65
Asia 525
Americas 92
Europe 38
Middle East 20
Oceania 11
Total 751


For more information:

Results of the Consultation Process

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