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The WFEO-CEIT report “Safety & Global Governance of Generative AI”

In January 2024, the WFEO Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (CEIT), in collaboration with the Shenzhen Association of Science and Technology, released the “Safety and Global Governance of Generative AI” report (English versionChinese version).

This report compiles 29 in-depth commentaries from over 40 global experts across different continents in policymaking, entrepreneurship, scholarship, and engineering.

These contributions cover various critical topics concerning the safety and global governance of generative AI, offering valuable insights and recommendations.
The report is structured into five thematic chapters:

  • Chapter One: The Risks and Challenges of Generative AI.
  • Chapter Two: Global Governance Approaches for Generative AI.
  • Chapter Three: AI Governance for Developing Countries and Advancing Global Sustainable Development.
  • Chapter Four: AI Governance from an Engineering Perspective.
  • Chapter Five: AI Governance from the Perspective of Companies.

WFEO, as a leader in the global engineering community, is deeply committed to promoting sustainable development through engineering and emphasizes the responsible development and application of AI. We are dedicated to playing a pivotal role in global AI governance, advocating for the proper governance of AI’s advancement and application in alignment with human values for sustainable development.

We believe effective AI governance should be a global, multi-stakeholder, cooperative effort that fosters a clear governance consensus within the UN framework and establishes a permanent mechanism for collective governance actions. WFEO also emphasizes the need for a global consensus on AI risks and the importance of capacity building in AI development and governance, particularly focusing on aiding developing countries in building their AI capabilities through urgent and robust actions.

We invite professionals, policymakers, and those interested in AI’s future to read this report and contribute to our discussion. We believe that through global cooperation and dialogue, we can collectively promote a safe, secure and trustworthy AI development for all humanity.

The video presentation of the report by Professor Ir Dr Norlida Buniyamin, Chair of CEIT, is available below.

For more information:

The “Safety and Global Governance of Generative AI” Report – English version

The “Safety and Global Governance of Generative AI” Report – Chinese version

WFEO Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (CEIT) website

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