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Launch of Engineering the Future of Mauritius and the World – Engineering and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in a Small Island Developing State

The Journal of the Institution of Engineers Mauritius (IEM), March 2021 Edition, Engineering the Future of Mauritius and the World, was released at a gala event on World Engineering Day, 4th March 2021.

This publication showcases the strategies and work of engineers to address sustainable development in the context of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Mauritius is a small and beautiful island state that is facing many of the issues of SIDS around the world.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are particularly relevant to the SIDS. The articles in the Journal show that engineers have an important role in developing reliable access to clean water and efficient sanitation systems renewable energy sources and effective education systems for engineering.

This document will also encourage young people in Mauritius to consider how they can make a difference through engineering and thereby make a positive and long lasting impact on their beautiful country and to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals

This edition contains a message from the Immediate Past President of WFEO Dr Marlene Kanga, who also wrote the article “The Importance of Education For A Sustainable Future“.

The Chair of the WFEO Young Engineers/Future Leaders Committee, Eng. Firas Bou Diab has also valued the Journal with the article entitled “The Next-generation Mauritius: Smart, Resilient And Sustainable“.

Several SDGs have been covered by all the papers of the edition. Sincere thanks to all the authors for their efforts and valuable contributions to this Journal. The full edition is available in this link.


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