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IAEA Seal of Resilience for important Facilities and Infrastructure

The International Association of Engineering and Architecture (IAEA), an Associate of WFEO, has developed a systematic procedure that allows assessing safety and resilience considering governance, health, safe environment, cybersecurity, maritime and land services.

The seal certifies those who have demonstrated compliance with functional, structural and dimensional measures. It can be used by cities, ports, museums and other infrastructure.

This seal helps to reduce uncertainty, the probability and / or impact of negative risks, address threats and increase the probability and/or impact of positive risks (opportunities), resulting in optimization of processes and resources, and allows decisions to be based on current information about risk exposure.

From the objectives, techniques for assessing values and risks are selected and developed by three groups of experts in different disciplines with the aim of determining the key indicators of the place.
It is important to mention that the Pareto mathematical principle is considered, this allows to generate the dimensions and factors subjected to a study of relevance, updating, applicability, relevance, coherence, efficiency and effectiveness of the evaluation map.

IAEA seeks to encourage, support, organize and participate in engineering and architecture activities that society demands, providing recommendations through their technical committees, for a sustainable development and cooperate in the preservation of the historical legacy of the activity.


Resilience and security are two critical aspects for ports and other infrastructure. Through the IAEA seal the facility is certified that is has demonstrated compliance with the resilience and safety criteria and implies that measures have been taken, ensuring that the facility is prepared to face the challenges of the future, such as:

  • Guarantee the operability of all the measures adopted.
  • Provide users with protection and security within the port.
  • Apply the most appropriate technological advances for the level of security adopted.
  • Comply with the corresponding regulations and procedures.
  • Have adequate cyber security that protects confidentiality and integrity.
  • Communicate, train and prepare everyone in risk prevention and management.

Being safe and resilient guarantees the continuity of business in accordance with new requirements, and thus comply with contracts, avoiding responsibilities of executives and administrators.


Currently, the Port Authority of Las Palmas is developing this seal and will receive a badge, establishing the level of protection and resilience (adequate, outstanding or excellent), applying risk management principles.
It will soon become the first port entity to have it, demonstrating its commitment to safety with efficiency with its customers.

IAEA has developed the seal also for shopping centres, cruise ships, construction sites, health centres and cities. Further information can be obtained in this link.


For more information:

International Association of Engineering and Architecture (IAEA) website

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