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Bridge Over the Straight of Messina – Developing the Italian South

The project to connect Sicily with the Italian mainland by a bridge over the Straight of Messina was first talked of many years ago but is finally being taken seriously.

New Museum of Bergamot in Reggio Calabria, senator of Italia Viva Silvia Bono, eng. Ania Lopez CNI National Councilor and Member of WFEO Executive Council and Laywer Gianfranco Saccomanno

On 6th September, in the New Museum of Bergamot in Reggio Calabria, on the initiative of members of the newly formed Italia Viva party, Senators Davide Faraone and Silvia Vono, the technical discussions took place. There were some prestigious speakers present including Eng. Ania Lopez, member of National Council for Italian Engineers (CNI) and Member of the World Federation Engineering Organisation (WFEO) Executive Council and Theme leader of the Committee on Women in Engineering, who said, “We hope the bridge can become a state of the art structure for Calabria whilst respecting the budget and time constraints.”.

Sabrina Zuccalà, AD of 4Ward360, an Italian company specializing in nanotechnology, promoted the use of the application of innovative surfaces providing protection from both the weather and chemicals. Enzo Siviero, professor and rector of eCampus University, stated “..there are no seismic problems, the aeroelasticity has been solved..” Silvia Vono, promoter of the initiative, vice senator and vice president of the public works commission, insisted “we need to invest. We cannot let go of the project. We must take advantage of European investment.”

We hope the bridge can become a state of the art structure for Calabria whilst respecting the budget and time constraints.
Ania Lopez, WFEO Executive Council member

On day 2, Eng. Salvatore Margiotta, undersecretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, said “I have always been fascinated by the idea of creating this work in order to leave a mark for many years to come ..this is a great opportunity to build the bridge.” Dr. Angelo Deiana, President of Confassociazioni, stated “building this bridge will relaunch the whole country and provide strategic links with Africa and the Mediterranean.”

Santa Trada Borgo in Reggio Calabria Senators Davide Farone and Silvia Vono an another speakers

In conclusion, the day ended with a speech by Senator Davide Faraone who reiterated, “the bridge is essential to improve the quality of life and the economy in our south and for the whole country.” The president of CNI, Armando Zambrano later commented, “The construction of connecting infrastructures and more generally, of public works, contributes to the growth and modernization of a country”.
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