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The Cancun High-Level Communiqué

  The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (Global Platform 2017) that took place from 22 to 26 May in [...]

The Lima Declaration

  The World Engineering Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WECDRR 2016) that took place the 5 and 6 December in [...]

The “Nuclear for Climate” Declaration

  During ICAPP (International Congress on Advances on nuclear Power Plants) in Nice, France, on May 4, 39 nuclear societies, [...]

Arusha Declaration: WFEO General Assembly 1991 – Statement to the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (‘The Earth Summit’) in Rio de Janeiro

Host: WFEO – Institution of Engineers Tanzania (IET). Highlights: “Because present global problems are so related to the selection and [...]

Tokyo Resolution: International Federation of Information & Documentation Centennial 1995 – Strategic Alliance of International NGOs in Information to serve better the World Community

Host: International Federation for Information & Documentation (the Brussels Institute). Highlights: “The proper use of information for decision-making at all [...]

Abuja Communique: International Conference on Universal Access to ICT 2001 – Universal Access to Information and Communications Technology

Host: WFEO – Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) – Federation of African Organisations of Engineers (FAEO) Highlights: “African countries are [...]

Carthage Declaration: World Congress on the Digital Divide 2003 – Preparatory Process for the World Summit on the Information Society

Host: International Telecommunications Union. Highlights: ““It is essential that the digital gap between the ‘information rich’ and the ‘information poor’ [...]

Shanghai Declaration: World Engineers’ Convention 2004 – Engineers Shape the Sustainable Future

Host: Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) – Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). Highlights: “Engineering and technology are vitally [...]

Budapest Declaration: World Congress on Engineering Education 2006 – Mobility of Engineers

Host: WFEO – Committee on Education in Engineering (WFEO-CEIE) – Polish Federation of Engineering Associations. Highlights: “The engineering community has [...]

Brasilia Declaration: World Engineers’ Convention 2008 – Engineering: Innovation for Development with Social Responsibility

Host: Brazilian Federation of Engineers’ Associations – Brazilian Federal Council of Engineering, Architecture & Agronomy. Highlights: “Engineering as the driver [...]

Kuwait Declaration: Alternative Energy Applications – Option or Necessity? 2009 – Kuwait Declaration Statement

Host: Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE). Highlights: “Engineers worldwide believe that to meet expected energy demand, all energy options must [...]

Buenos Aires Declaration: World Congress on Engineering 2010 – Technology, Innovation and Production for Sustainable Development

Host: Argentine Union of Associations of Engineers – Argentine Centre of Engineers. Highlights: “Encourage the action of engineers, and that [...]

Geneva Declaration: World Engineers’ Convention 2011 – Call for Action

Host: Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA). Highlights: “Building the necessary infrastructure to bring large scale renewable electricity from [...]

Ljubljana Declaration: World Engineers Forum 2012 – Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure

Host: Slovenian Chamber of Engineers (IZS). Highlights: “Implementable solutions for sustainable construction must account for local and regional needs, cultures, [...]

International Engineering Societies Statement: Sustainable Energy for All 2012 – Call on Governments to Support the United Nations ‘Sustainable Energy for All’

Host: IEEE (USA) – IET (UK) – IMechE (UK) – ICE (UK). Highlights: “We fully endorse the Secretary General’s vision [...]

Jakarta Protocol: Civil Engineering Conference in Asia Region 2013 – Civil Engineering for a Sustainable Future

Host: Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC) and the ten members of the council Highlights: “Emerging global challenges over the [...]

Singapore Declaration: World Engineering Summit 2013 – Engineering for a Sustainable Future

Host: Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) Highlights: “Engineers of the 21st Century are called upon to play a critical role [...]

Athens Declaration: Presidents’ Meeting of the European Engineering Chambers 2013 – 100 Years Regulated Engineering Profession

Host: Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) Highlights: “The construction sector is one of the main pillars of European economy, growth [...]

Beirut Declaration: World Congress on Engineering Education 2013 – Impact of Globalisation on Engineering Education

Host: WFEO – Committee on Education in Engineering (WFEO-CEIE) – Federation of Lebanese Engineers – Federation of Arab Engineers. Highlights: [...]

Abuja Declaration 2013

Host: WFEO – The Federation of African Engineering Organisations (FAEO).   Full text   [...]

WECSI 2014 Communique: World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure 2014 – Development of Sustainable Infrastructure in Africa

Host: The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).   Full text   [...]

Santa Cruz Declaration: UPADI General Assembly 2014 – Sustainable Cities

Host: Pan American Union of Engineering Societies (UPADI).   Full text   [...]

Nuclear For Climate Declaration: International Congress on Advances on nuclear Power Plants 2015 in Nice, France

Host: The French Nuclear Society (SFEN).   Full text   [...]

Beirut Declaration: World Congress on Engineering Education 2015 – Engineering Education for Sustainable Development

Host: WFEO – Committee of Education in Engineering (WFEO-CEIE).   Full text   [...]

Kyoto Declaration: World Engineering Conference and Convention 2015 – Engineering: Innovation and Society

Host: WFEO – Science Council of Japan – The Japan Federation of Engineering Societies – UNESCO.   Full text   [...]

Paris Statement: WFEO COP-21 Engineers Climate Change Summit 2015 – Turning Words Into Action – A Sectoral Approach

Host: WFEO –- UNESCO.   Full text   [...]

Penang Declaration: Conference of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation 2015

Host: ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation.   Full text   [...]

WFEO Statement for UNFCCC SB44 Bonn Meeting

Host: WFEO   Full text   [...]

Brasilia Declaration: International Engineering Conference 2016 – New Approaches for Supplying Sustainable Water and Energy

Host: WFEO – Brazilian Federation of Engineering Associations (FEBRAE) – Pan American Engineers Associations Union (UPADI) – Brazilian Federal Council [...]

XXI Global Congress of Ocean, Coastal and Navigation Waterways Engineering Declaration – Panama 2016

Host: WFEO – World Council of Civil Engineers (WCCE) – Pan American Engineers Associations Union (UPADI) – Pan American Academy [...]

Communique: Sixth edition of the Nigeria’s Alternative Energy Exposition 2016

Host: Sustainable Energy Practitioners Association of Nigeria (SEPAN) – Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo (NAEE).   Full text   [...]

Lima Declaration: Increasing Resilience of Infrastructure vis-à-vis Natural and Man-made Disasters 2016

Host: Peruvian Association of Professional Engineers (CIP) – WFEO.   Full text   [...]

Cancun High-Level Communiqué – Leaders’ Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017

Host: The Permanent Mission of Mexico to the UN and the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).   Full text [...]

Women In Engineering Declaration: Contributing to Global Sustainable Development – “Turning Words into Action”

Host: The Committee on Women in Engineering – WIE.   Full text   [...]

WFEO/FMOI 50th Anniversary Madrid Declaration: Water, the future that we want

Hosts: WFEO was proud to be signatory to the declaration on progress the UN Sustainable Development Declaration on water (SDG [...]

Paris Declaration: Advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals through Engineering

The Paris Declaration has been jointly signed by WFEO and UNESCO on our commitments to progress the United Nations Sustainable [...]

Endorsement of Statement of Support for Sustainable Energy for All

WFEO Contact: Darrel Danyluk WFEO endorsed the pan-engineering statement of support for the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative. [...]
WEC 2011 Geneva Declaration

WEC 2011: Geneva Declaration

The declaration was elaborated in an international process before the convention: In April, WEC 2011 launched the Call from Geneva [...]
Maria J Prieto Laffargue on WEC 2011

Maria J. Prieto Laffargue on WEC

Geneva, September 2011: a turning point in public understanding of how to tackle the main issues that face the human [...]













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