WFEO is actively invested in the fulfillment of the SDGs

WFEO is actively invested in the fulfillment of the SDGs through multiple actions undertaken by our members, Committees and Working Groups since several years.

The work of CIC is related to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

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37th Indian Engineering Congress and WFEO-CIC Session on “SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project”

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36th Indian Engineering Congress and WFEO-CIC Session on Smart Technologies for Smart Cities


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Young Engineers Advancing the UN SDGs – Project: An IoT-based Water Quality Monitoring and Potability Prediction System for Rural Communities in the Philippines – Author: Melchizedek I. Alipio


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ICT to Industry 4.0, the Journey thus far, and the Road Ahead

Andrew Reynolds – USA State Department, Advisor to the WFEO President – presentation “Connectivity for an Urban, Peri-Urban, Rural Continuum”


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World Future Energy Forum (WFEF) 2016 successfully held in Beijing

S. S. Rathore – Chair of WFEO Committee on Information & Communication – presentation “Canal top solar power plant: an innovative initiative”

WFEO Committee on Information and Communication Seminar in Kuala Lumpur shows Internet of Things importance for Sustainable Development

Dato’ Ir. Lee Yee Cheong – WFEO Past President – presentation “Rise of the South, Digital Technologies”

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