Mobility of Engineering Professionals

Mobility of Engineering Professionals is the movement of professional engineers around the world who have the quality marks of a recognized engineering degree and the post nominals confirming an assessed competence for independent practice. Professional Engineer (PEng) and (Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) are examples of post nominals.

The degrees and post nominals are recognized through international comparison with the benchmarks of the accords and mobility forums. International benchmarking helps engineers change employment, change country of residence and access restricted work in new jurisdictions. Benchmarking also lowers an employer’s risk in hiring engineers.

WFEO & IEA Agreement – December 2015

Abuja Declaration – December 2013

Paper Presentation on WFEO mobility activities – November 2013

Mobility of Engineering Professionals – December 2011

WFEO Policy on Accreditation of Courses and Mobility of Engineering Professionals – September 2009

Mobility of Engineering Professionals – October 2008



To work in preparing with the organizing committee the next World Congress on Engineering Education


Beirut Declaration: World Congress on Engineering Education 2015 – Engineering Education for Sustainable Development



To work with the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) in bringing WFEO-CEIE as part of their system.

WFEO & IEA Agreement – December 2015


To set the rules and procedures with the IEA