Reginald Vachon, Executive Vice President, Chair WURC

Reginald Vachon

Dr. Reginald I. Vachon is an engineer, executive and lawyer whose career and accomplishments are testimony to his dedication to engineering.

Reginald Vachon has been a Research & Development Engineer with E.I. DuPont, an Aerospace Engineer with Thiokol, a Design Engineer for Hayes Aircraft and Aerospace Engineer with NASA, among his many engagements.

He has consulted on nuclear power for space exploration and power generation on earth. He is an original patentee for digital image correlation.

He co-holds multiple other patents, including optical strain gage measurement technology and for the sizing of coronary arteries at systole and diastole during invasive angiography. The optical stain gage technology operable to 1093.33ºC was purchased by General Electric in 2015. He is also the Executive Vice President of WFEO and chair of the WFEO-UN Relations Committee.