Tomás A. Sancho, Chair WGW

Tomás Sancho

Tomás A. Sancho was born in 1962 in Zaragoza, Spain. He has a Master in Civil Engineering from the Politechnic University of Madrid, and a degree in Law and in Business Administration and Management from University Carlos III of Madrid.

He has been President of the Ebro Water Confederation and President-founder of 3 State societies related to water: ACUAEBRO, Canal de Navarra (Navarra Channel) and Canal Segarra-Garrigues (Segarra-Garrigues Channel).

He is Past President of the World Council of Civil Engineers (WCCE) and is member of the Executive Council of WFEO. He is also Vice-President of the Spanish Civil Engineers Association and Vice-President of the Spanish Engineering Institute International Commission.

Tomás is currently General Manager of FYSEG, Fulcrum y SERS Engineering Group. He is an expert in topics related to infrastructures funding, planning and water management.