Committee on Young Engineers / Future Leaders (YE/FL)

Young Engineers / Future Leaders (YE/FL) is a Standing Committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, which gathers together young engineers, students, and council members as official members from national engineering associations representing their country.

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One of the main spotlights of the 2009 WFEO Executive Board Meeting, was the acceptance of a proposal which had been submitted by the Capacity Building Committee to establish a YE/FL Task Group under its wing after five years of preparation, socializing, and networking.

Then, by 2011, the WFEO General Assembly approved the Executive Councils recommendation to change the Task Group on YE/FL into a full standing technical committee.

As the main priority of that task group, was the support of students and young engineers in order to facilitate communication among each other from the early stage of college studies, all the way to the newly graduated engineers.

Furthermore, as this standing committee provides educational and academic activities as well as organizes events, such as networking sessions, workshops, and forums, it has proven to provide invaluable experience to effectively support engineers as early as the beginning of their career.

In 2010 at the World Engineers’ Week (WEW 2010) in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the YE/FL committee held its first meeting.

Vision for WFEO-YE/FL

Involvement of young engineers in the world’s leading activities to gain and share knowledge and experience, which prepares them to take on future leadership roles…

Mission Statement for WFEO-YE/FL

One of our main missions is to recruit enthusiastic young engineers for developing and applying engineering principles for the benefit of humanity; and becoming a global reference point for international coordination, cooperation, and communication among young engineers worldwide…

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