Committee on Women in Engineering (WIE)

Women in Engineering (WIE) is a Standing Committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations with the purpose of Empowering Women in Engineering and Technology.

Engineering Workforce Diversity

Leadership and Empowerment

Engineering Strategic Indicators


There is a need for the engineer to access reliable and updated information on sustainable energy on which his/her advice will be sought by the policy-maker. And he/she is by education and qualification, the best suited professional to answer questions related to technical and economic feasibility on energy matters of significance to society. The engineer has the unique capability to advise on whether proposed solutions are feasible or not, and to provide educated estimates of when solutions are expected to be feasible.

Vision for WFEO-WIE

To have women and men engineers, in equal opportunity, work to constructively resolve international and national issues, using the strength of their diversity and their differences for the benefit of humanity.

Mission Statement for WFEO-WIE

To develop and confirm its position on the new social challenges of participation and leadership of professional women in a sustainable way, by offering support to enhance a concrete comprehension of the activities for our by WFEO member nations in order to integrate the gender dimension in their organizational activities and in the engineering profession in general, while helping in improving the representation of women engineers within WFEO’s organizations in attracting and retaining young females interested in becoming engineering professionals worldwide.

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