Today, the 8th of March marks yet another year to celebrate the International Women’s Day. It marks a day of call for action in reducing the existing gender gap globally. The first gathering we recall was in 1911 and since then, there has been the continuous cry for action across the globe for gender balance.

A lot has been achieved through the years in almost every sphere of life but however it seems lowest in the Engineering and Technological environment. Today Women Engineers see this as a re-assessment of the challenges before us and a willingness to chart new course to achieve desired goals.

There is a need to change mind sets towards gender parity as it is seen by many to be a “woman affair”. Yes, the struggle for recognition and acceptance started as an activism but it has become very glaring that a robust conversation on organizational strategic policies and development can enhance the drive for Diversity and Inclusiveness.

Our theme “Women Engineers making a Difference with Men as Allies: Turning Words into Action” recognizes the fact that the conversation is not with women but with ALL.

In 2016, we had #Pledgeforparity#
In 2017 #Beboldforchange#
In 2018 #PressforProgress#

Our progress in 2018 was driving a positive thinking to build smart and innovate for change. This we know will drive a more sustaining socio-economic growth.
We chose to work with men as our allies, Women are determined to play their role despite all odds to help in building a virile economy for nations.
Please note that
Encouraging and giving qualified and competent women an opportunity to rise does not depict failure of Men.”It shows a readiness to Achieve, Succeed and Develop”.
We therefore call on all especially the men within Engineering & Technology space (Professional & Corporate Organizations)to join hands with the Women Engineers to play a critical role in helping to build a more gender balanced World as we all work towards a #Balanceforbetter# World.

By Valerie Agberagba, Chair of the WFEO Committee Women in Engineering (WIE)