The WFEO Engineering 2030 Plan

The WFEO Engineering 2030 Plan activates the WFEO Strategic Objectives that were agreed by the WFEO General Assembly in December 2015 and demonstrates the commitment by WFEO, its members and partners, to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals through engineering.

This document provides an overview of the projects that are being undertaken by WFEO Standing Technical Committees, national and international members, associates and partners. These projects were first presented at the WFEO 50th Anniversary Symposium held in Paris on 7th March 2018 and are ongoing. Further progress reports will be provided annually.

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Young Engineers Advancing the UN SDGs

The inaugural 2018 Young Engineers Competition was a key initiative of WFEO to recognise the contributions of young engineers in leading sustainable development projects.

The awarded contributions were selected among more than 140 varied submissions, geographically and by gender and the wide range of technologies and advanced concepts that were applied, including in rural and low income settings.

The 2018 Young Engineers Competition publication showcases the best of their achievements from around the world from water and sanitation projects in Myanmar and Uganda, the implementation of renewable energy projects in China to projects that address food scarcity in the Philip- pines, Nepal and Peru.

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WFEO trifold brochure

The WFEO trifold brochure presents the federation, its activities, and its relations with the UN agencies and international organizations.

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The versions below are high resolution versions ready to be printed on both sides in A4 format, to be folded in three sections, and to be distributed to a general and advanced audiences.

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