World Engineers Convention 2023

In October 2023, the global engineering community will meet in Prague to discuss our contribution to the “great transformation” through UN SDGs !


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The Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies (CSVTS) in collaboration with WFEO will hold the 7th World Engineers Convention WEC 2023 and the WFEO General Assembly in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, in October 2023.

The theme of WEC 2023 “Engineering for life: Breakthrough Technologies and Capacity Development Focused on UN SDGs” responds to current planetary challenges and reflects the main goal which is to explore and find how high-tech, as well as low-tech innovations, artificial intelligence and a transdisciplinary approach, can ensure environmental sustainability and assure a safer, fairer, more efficient, better, healthy and peaceful future.

The organizers of WEC 2023 would like to invite engineers, academics, global thought leaders, technical specialists, professional and engineering association members, educators, students, industry influencers and professionals from other fields from all over the world to share their latest knowledge, experience, research, suggestions and visions which would present the latest achievements of the engineering art at this magnificent engineering event.

Technical program of the congress is focused to 8 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in the wide range of areas of engineering which are grouped to the following topics (detailed in this page):

  1. New Solutions for Energy
  2. Smart Cities, Concept of Urbanization
  3. Engineering Approach to Environment Protection
  4. Engineering Education and Continuing Professional Development
  5. Green Transport
  6. Safe Digital World
  7. Innovative Technologies in Industry
  8. Engineering in Health Care
  9. Food and Fresh Water Supply
  10. Natural and Industrial Disasters Prevention
  11. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  12. From Earth to the Universe
  13. Young Engineers Forum
  14. Women in Science and Engineering

For more information:

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