Engineering Workforce Diversity


To provide workforce diversity through better workplace climate for equal opportunities for professional development;

To improve the attraction, retention and promotion of women engineers within the work place;

To provide employers with information improving the workplace and workforce diversity for competence, innovation and engagement;

To provide women engineers with information helping them to succeed in the work place and attain high level positions.


To develop information material on ways and means of creating an equitable and friendly work place environment for workforce diversity.

To organize information sessions on creating better workplace environment.

To influence world engineering companies and associations as well as WFEO member countries in developing policies for workforce diversity.

To work closely with UNESCO, and other similar organizations to promote workforce diversity through better work place environment.

Vice-Chair: Stacey M. DelVecchio, host country = USA
Deputy Vice-Chair: Wen-Jean Hsueh, host country = Chinese Taipei

Leadership and Empowerment


To show that empowering women in engineering and technology and in leadership positions can facilitate relationships between governments, business and people by enhancing the contribution of the engineering dimension into discussions on policies and investment.

To develop and confirm the WFEO position on the new social challenges of participation and leadership of professional women in a sustainable way.

To offer support in mainstreaming the gender dimension in institutional bodies and in the engineering profession at large.

To foster peace, socioeconomic security and sustainable development among all countries of the world, through the promotion of women in engineering and technology.

To empower Women in Engineering and Technology and encourage equal opportunities for professional development and achievement in their profession and in the WFEO members organization.


Contribute and develop guidelines for policy makers so to actually mainstream gender in the technology and engineering fields at international, regional and local levels,

Concretize a Knowledge platform for women engineers in the world so to enhance the social, technical, environmental and economic modernization of our societies through well connected people and recognized role models and women engineers’ achievements,

Contribute to the progress of engineering societies through empowerment of women engineers and boosting their leadership skills so they reach higher positions faster yet keeping a high level of commitment, competency and responsibility towards the society.

Vice-Chair: Yvette Ramos, host country = Switzerland
Deputy Vice-Chair: TBD

Engineering Strategic Indicators


To provide statistics on women engineers at university and within the profession, for member countries of WFEO;

To keep track of the evolution of the percentage and number of women engineers for member countries of WFEO;

To create incentives within member countries of WFEO to reach a women membership percentage of at least 30%, threshold at which gender representation can have an impact;

To provide women engineers with a tool to promote better practices to achieve gender equality with the engineering profession.


To gather statistics on the number and percentage of women engineers enrolled in recognized engineering and technical university programs;

To promote a common method of gathering statistics on women engineers and technicians among WFEO member countries;

To gather statistics on the number and percentage of women engineers listed as members of professional engineering and technical organizations;

To provide statistics for member countries of WFEO to develop programs to increase the number of women engineers at all levels of the profession and to follow the trend over the years.

To work closely with UNESCO, and other similar organizations to promote a higher number of women engineers and technicians for a diversified and sustainable workforce worldwide.

Vice-Chair: Ania Lopez, host country = Italy
Deputy Vice-Chair: TBD