Cloud Engineering & Internet Plus

To leverage innovations from a diverse spectrum of disciplines, from computer science & engineering to business informatics, toward the holistic treatment of key technical and business issues related to cloud computing and internet application in different fields, such as agricultural, civil, manufactural, mining, transportation, medical and communicational engineering, etc.

Big Data

To promote open and equally access to and proper treatment of data worldwide and narrowing the data-divide between developed and developing countries.

To exchange new ideas of implementing innovative Big Data technologies into socio-enviromental problems in the fields of social life, such as transportation, education, health care production and consumption, infrastructure, banking and finance.

Intelligent Technology and Robotics

To share the vision of the potential of intelligent technology and robotics in improving, accelerating, and supporting sustainable development.

To facilitate the adoption of robotics and intelligent technology in the traditional fields of engineering for enhancing productivity, quality and achieving sustainable development.

Sensor Technology and Internet of Things (IoT)

To clarify the role of IoT and Sensor Technology in supporting socio-economic sustainable development worldwide, especially in developing countries.

To make recommendations for regional stakeholders and policy makers in promoting a broad ecosystem for Sensor technology and IoT.

Smart Devices and Materials

To promote the adoption of new materials and smart devices technology around the world.

To encourage the innovative activities and collaboration among the member societies.