Jing Peng, Chair CEIT

Jing Peng

Dr. Peng received her bachelor’s degree of hydraulic machinery and master’s degree of hydraulics and river dynamics both in Tsinghua University, China, and doctoral degree of river and basin environmentology in Tokyo University, Japan.

Her major research fields include hydraulic engineering, water environment engineering, river pollution control and restoration, water environment management of estuaries and lakes, risks of water-related disaster, river ecological health, and multi-functional dam regulation and management. As the project manager or major participant, she has been responsible, or served as the team leading or technical expert, for more than 40 scientific research projects. She has also published more than 90 papers on journals both at home and abroad, and 6 books.

In the past decade, Peng Jing has been actively involved in international cooperation and knowledge transfer in water-related field. Responsible for the international exchange and collaboration (including the coordination between IWHR and international water-related organizations such as ICOLD, IAHR, ICID, GWP and IHA), she has rich experience in serving both as an expert by giving speeches and a coordinator by organizing academic events. She has, for many times, participated in IAHR-related conferences, World Water Forum of World Water Council (WWC), World Water Week in Stockholm, Singapore International Water Week, China-EU Water Platform, as well as China-Korea and China-Japan seminars, etc.

In 2018, Dr. Jing Peng has been nominated to become the Chair of the WFEO Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies.