• The Committee on Energy has adopted the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all“.–Jean-Eudes Moncomble, Chair of CE (France)energy@wfeo.org


The Committee on Energy’s objective is:

• To become the engineering reference for assessing the feasibility of current and cutting edge energy technologies for sustainable development.

• To be the engineering reference for energy sustainable development based on engineering criteria and actively participate in sustainable energy programs around the world by providing subject matter experts.

• Continue to grow the Committee. When USA took over there were 50 active members and now there are 100 members.

The plan for the Committee on Energy is to publish the Solar Power and Nuclear Power Reports that were updated during USA’s first four years of hosting.

Launch and complete studies for Urban Waste, Hydrogen Utilization, Energy Hierarchy (conservation, efficiency, renewable, low carbon technologies), and Carbon Capture Technologies. Other topics being evaluated for studying are Superconductor Technologies for Power Transmission, Energy Storage Devices/Systems, Energy Resource Estimation Methodologies, and Near-Term Energy Demand/Supply.

Support UNESCO Regional Renewable Energy Boot Camps by providing engineering subject matter experts.

The Committee on Energy will continue to lead the WFEO’s efforts to support this initiative from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Sustainable Energy for all seeks to mobilize action from all sectors of society in support of three interlinked objectives to be achieved by 2030: providing universal access to modern energy services; doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency; and doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

Through its Taskforces, Conferences and Reports, the Committee on Energy will be supporting the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) by collecting and disseminating best practices and recommendation.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers will continue to provide Secretariat service for Energy Committee.

Mission Statement

To provide the engineer with updated, unbiased and reliable information on the feasibility of the different energy technologies based on scientific principles, engineering criteria and demonstrated technological development.

Operating Principles

The Committee on Energy consists of a Chairman and six regional Vice-Chairmen representing: North America, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Europe/Russia, Middle East/South Central Asia, and Africa. Committee Officers are appointed by their respective National Member organizations.

  • Africa – Prof. Abubakar S Sambo, Nigeria
  • Asia/Pacific – Prof. Sun Hongbin, China
  • Europe/Russia – Dr. Daniel Favrat, Switzerland
  • Latin America – Mr. Mario Wiegers, Argentina
  • Middle East/South Central Asia – Mr. Pradeep Chaturvedi, India

Including Task Groups our membership is hundred (100) representing 36 different countries.