Result of the 2018 GREE WFEO Women in Engineering Award


As the leading international body for engineers, the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, in its effort to promote social diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in engineering has instituted the Women in Engineering Award and GREE Electric Appliances has offered to sponsor the Award.

The GREE WFEO Women in Engineering Award is to give recognition and visibility to outstanding women engineers, having shown professional excellence and social impact in their work, and showing the potential to be an empowerment model and a leader in their field of action.

The winner for the 2018 GREE WFEO Women in Engineering Award is:

Mrs. Maria-Teresa Estevan Bolea from Spain

About the Awardee

Born on 26th October 1936, Maria- Teresa is the third woman in Spain to obtain an Industrial Engineer title in 1968 and was the first woman to join the Corps of Industrial Engineers of the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Energy.

Among the many positions of public responsibility that she has held are those of Member of the Spanish Congress of Deputies (1987-1993), Member of the European Parliament (1994-1999) stand out, also she was Chairperson of Energy, Environmental, Research and R&D Committee and Equal Opportunities for Women Committee, and also President of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (2001-2006).

Her commitment to the engineering professional organizations is accredited, not only with the close collaborations maintained from her positions, but with her positions as Vocal in the Association (2010-2014) and Dean of the Official College (2013-2016) of Industrial Engineers from Madrid. She is currently Director-General (CEO) of Sitesa Ingenieros S.A. What she has achieved with her perseverance is a vital example of how a woman can achieve what she considers important; even in the field of engineering.

Details of other accomplishments and qualifications includes:

  • She was the first woman Engineer of State in Spain. Degree of High Specialisation in Welding and Environmental Engineering.

  • She belongs to the Body of Industrial Engineers of the State.

  • She has worked in companies of Engineering and Construction and Assembly of Cement Factories, Chemical Plants, Refineries, Thermal Power Stations, Oil and Gas Pipelines. She has also worked in Power Planning, in Power Technologies, Thermal Power Stations and Nuclear Energy.

  • In July, 2001 she was appointed President of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).

  • She has been Commissioner of the National Commission of Energy.

  • President of the National Council of Industry and Energy (Ministry of Industry and Energy).

  • Member of the European Parliament. Member and Spokesperson at the Commissions of Energy, Technological Research and Development and Environment.

  • Member of the Spanish Congress of Deputies, Spokesperson for Energy and Environment matters.

  • General Director for Environment and General Secretary of the Inter-ministerial Commission of Environment from the Ministry of Public Works (1979-1982) and General sub-Director at the Ministry of Public Works (1977-1978).

  • She has worked in the General Directorate of Energy: Hydrocarbon and Gas Departments, Subdivision of Power Planning of the Ministry of Industry and Energy, and at the Subdivision of Industrial Pollution of the Ministry of Industry and Energy.

  • Mrs. Estevan is member of several advisory groups within international organizations. She also participate as lecture at courses organized by Spanish and international organizations on Nuclear and radiation safety, Energy planning and policies and environmental engineering.

  • She has a wide experience in international projects on energy, mechanical engineering and environmental installations.

  • Currently, she is Director General of SITESA INGENIEROS S.A.

In addition to her intense dedication to the world of engineering and industry, it should be highlighted that she has received recognition in some other activities as follows:

  • Gold Master of the Senior Management Forum.

  • Her work in the social and professional promotion of women has been intense, facilitating numerous jobs for women.

  • She intervened extensively in the energy works of the OECD (Paris) and CEPE (Geneva) and the Environment and in other international institutions.

  • Author of the first publications on Environmental Impact Assessment.

  • Was invited in 1993 for a month, by the United States Information Agency (program of international visitors of the USA governments)

  • She has directed numerous energy projects (oil, gas and electricity and environmental protection in Latin American countries)

  • Has the “Puig Adam” medal from the Technical High School of Industrial Engineering of the UPM.

  • In 2007, the COIIM awarded her the Honorable Mention for her professional career.

  • Professor “ad-honorem” of the UPM and other Spanish and foreign Universities.

  • Prize of the Spanish Nuclear Society 1985 for the: “analysis of generation costs of the kWh”.

  • Author of numerous publications, articles and conferences, etc.

  • Member of various foundations and technical, social and welfare associations (Caritas, Red Cross, Unicef) and social studies.

The 2018 GREE WFEO Women in Engineering Award will be presented at the Gala Dinner on Monday 22nd October 2018, during the Global Engineering Congress in London.