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WFEO International Conference on Engineering and food Security in Africa

June 24 - June 25

The Tunisian order of engineers and the Federation of African Engineering Organizations (FAEO) will organize the conference entitled “The Role of Engineers and Engineering Towards Food Security in Africa – Strategies Contributing to SDGs 2 and 12”

The two-day Conference will be held June 24 and 25, 2019 in Tunis, Tunisia. Our organization has committed to host this important Conference and lead its organization.

Mindful of the key raie played by the agricultural and agri-food sectors in improving food security and reducing poverty around the world, the Conference has several objectives :

  • To bring together engineers, agricultural experts and foster discussions about food insecurity and engineers’ contributions to identify and implement solutions along various stages of the agricultural supply chain from production to delivery
  • To foster networking between engineers, agricultural experts, policy and decision makers from various African countries to exchanging information and expertise to identify food security and insecurity issues and current practices.
  • To develop five or six practical and feasible strategies with an operational action plan draft aimed at strengthening the intervention capability of at-risk countries to reducing post­ harvest lasses and lasses occurring at other points in the agricultural production chain.

Engineers can make a difference and collectively share their knowledge, experience and determination with others for practical regional and local solutions that improve food security within Africa and contribute to SDG Goals 2 and 12.

The two-day Conference is expected to attract approximately 250 participants (engineers, agricultural experts, food scientists, farmers, policy and decision makers) representing various countries and organizations with an interest in food security

The issues to be addressed by this Conference will include the role of engineers and engineering in the following aspects of food security:

  • Identification and evaluation potentialities and preservation natural resources.
  • Agricultural production systems and natural resource sustainability.
  • Reduction post-harvest losses for agricultural production
  • Strengthening basic infrastructure, including transportation, refrigeration and communication.
  • The agri-food sector’s role as a driver of agricultural product development.
  • The impact of climate change on African food security.
  • Policy and political frameworks to enhance the reliability and sustainability of the agricultural supply chain within Africa
  • African human resource development and international cooperation.




Ordre des Ingénieurs Tunisiens