Result of the 2018 Dr. Zuheir Alami WFEO Award for Engineering Innovation


In recognition of the importance of engineering innovation to the development of the global community through engineering, the Engineering Innovation Award will be a main feature in WFEO Executive Council conferences. We are proud that Khatib & Alami (K&A), a global leader in innovation is the sponsor of this important award.

The winner for the 2018 Dr. Zuheir Alami WFEO Award for Engineering Innovation is:

Dr. William F. Ranson from United States of America

About the Awardee

Born on 24th June 1938, Dr. Ranson holds a Ph.D. in engineering, a M.S. and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. He is a member of ASME International, Society of Experimental Mechanics and is member of the Pan American Academy of Engineering.. Dr. Ranson has authored national-research-award winning publications, and holds several patents.

Dr. Ranson has over 50 years of combined experience in management, business development and R&D. He has led numerous technology development projects for NASA, the Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health, and large corporations such as Gulfstream Aerospace, Michelin Corporation, and Westinghouse. Dr. Ranson established one of the three original manufacturing extension programs in the United States. This program has grown to 52 centers providing ISO certification, product development, technology integration, and supply-chain management services to a base of 325,000 manufacturing companies. Ranson has founded several startup companies offering products and services in the industrial, medical, and government sectors.

Dr. Ranson has been a chaired professor of mechanical engineering, and is a recognized expert in the area of stress and fatigue analysis of mechanical systems. He has served as consultant and expert witness for many engineering and manufacturing corporations. Dr. Ranson serves as an Advisor for a joint U.S. Army, Army National Guard, Goodrich Aerospace, and University team tasked with managing structural vibration in military helicopters in an effort to reduce cost, eliminate unscheduled maintenance, and improve operational readiness and safety.

He has received awards from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Hetenyi Award for he Society of Experimental Mechanics for original contribution to engineering mechanics

Impact of the Product:

The impact to the global community is an inexpensive technique to measure strain in operating systems, monitor structural health, evaluate crack initiation in rivet holes before surface cracking appears and provides an accurate device operable in a wider temperature range and wide range of elasticity.

Electrical resistance gages must have a particular gage material for a specific temperature range and the electrical resistance gage is limited to 5% strain and the optical gage has been used up to 150% strain. The impact is exemplified by the acquisition of the technology by General Electric.

About the Product

The project is about a technology developed for industrial optical based strain measurements. William’s effort resulted in development of optical strain gauge targeted at replacing the generally used electrical resistance strain gauge. The optical approach eliminates the need for the electrical connection from the strain gauge to the readout device.

The method of attaching the optical sensor and the method of reading the sensor has a number of advantages over x-ray diffraction, ultra-sonic imaging, the electrical resistance strain gauge (as mentioned), fibre optic gauge and digital image correlation. The optical sensor developed can detect sub-surface crack initiation in holes such as rivet holes, can enable measurement of cold working strain, operates over wide temperature range (between -200 deg.F and 2000 deg.F) and does not require recalibration associated with electrical resistance strain gauges. The process of using this optical sensors can provide strain history over time as a key element of structural health monitoring.

The 2018 Dr. Zuheir Alami WFEO Award for Engineering Innovation will be presented at the Gala Dinner on Monday 22nd October 2018, during the Global Engineering Congress in London.