As the peak international body for engineers, the World Federation of Engineering Organizations is proud to promote diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in engineering. During its 50th Anniversary celebration at UNESCO headquarters in Paris in March 2018, WFEO was proud to announce, with its sponsor GREE Electric Appliances, a new Award to acknowledge and give visibility to outstanding women engineers. The Award recognises women engineers who have shown professional excellence and impact in their work, role models and leaders in their field.

The WFEO GREE Women in Engineering Award is awarded every year.

Nominations are invited for outstanding female engineers who have made significant contributions to engineering. Nominations can be submitted by an institution such as a university, an engineering institute or association, a corporate entity, a national and international organization. Nominations must be approved by the president, chief executive officer, head of department at a university or equivalent of the institution. Applications and letters of support from WFEO member or associate organizations will be highly appreciated.

WFEO will not issue letters of support, being one of the promoters of the initiative.

Self-nominations are not accepted.

The development and design of this award are by: the company GREE as sponsor of the awards and WFEO as organizer and awarding body.

GREE Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, China

GREE Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai is a diversified international industrial group, whose business covers residential air conditioners, central air conditioners, intelligent equipment, home appliances, air source water heaters, smart phones, home appliances, refrigerators, etc. In 2015, GREE ranked No. 385 in Forbes Global 2000 and No. 1 in household appliances industry.

The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO)

The World Federation of Engineering Organizations is the peak body for the professional engineering institutions. Founded in 1968, we have national members from about 90 countries representing around 30 million engineers. We work with the UN and other international institutions, to address issues relating to engineering, to promote globally agreed good practices and to address the challenges of sustainable development around the world.

Through these activities, we regularly engage with governments, policy-makers and United Nations leaders to present the engineering perspective. We are a member of the United Nations Social and Economic Council and we co-lead the UN Science and Technology Major Group. We are an official partner of UNESCO and our secretariat is based at their headquarters in Paris.



Article 1 Designation

The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) promotes the following award:

“WFEO GREE Women in Engineering Award”

Supported by GREE Electric Appliances, Inc, it recognises the contributions of women to engineering at an international level.

Article 2 Eligibility

This award must be given to female engineers for projects and / or activities where they have demonstrated exceptional results and / or exceptional commitment.
Any woman with a degree in engineering, currently active in engineering and with records of activities in one or several professional fields related to engineering: industry, consultancy, entrepreneurship, academia, public sector, NGOs, meeting at least one of the following criteria and to the greatest extend possible all of them:

  • Outstanding accomplishment in technical fields of engineering
  • Outstanding leadership in engineering
  • Outstanding contribution to the attraction, mentoring and support of women in engineering
  • Outstanding entrepreneurship in an engineering field and development of an organization with significant technical or social impact
  • In each case, evidence of those accomplishments should be provided, e.g. patents, publications, organization performance, evidence of leadership positions, supporting references etc.

A Member economy whose nomination was successful for the previous award will not be allowed to nominate any candidate the following time.

Article 3 Form of the Award

The Award consists of a medal, a certificate, and a cash prize of $1,000 (USD).

Article 4 Submission Applications

Applications must be submitted in English only.

The application form together with the relative documentation must be sent by e-mail only to the following address:

Applications open on Tuesday 8 December 2020 and the deadline for submitting works is Sunday 07 February 2021. All applications that arrive after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Article 5 Jury and awarding process

The WFEO Awards Committee members (WFEO representatives from all continents) and a representative from GREE will assess the nominees, under the authority of the Chair of the Awards Committee, Eng. Ania Lopez (Italy) with the support of the WFEO Secretariat.
In accordance with WFEO’s Rules of Procedures, the Chair of the Award Committee will make an awardee recommendation to the WFEO’s Executive Council, which will make the final decision.

The Secretariat of the WFEO will support the Jury in its duty.

The designated Jury will work based on predetermined evaluation grids, containing the main parameters that will be used to judge the projects and/or activities carried out by each candidate.
The WFEO Executive Council reserves the right to revoke the prize from awarded candidate in case of abuse. Such abuse may include the submission of false information regarding the eligibility criteria, the omission of important elements and/or information relating to the implementation of the project examined, the discovery of a moral and legal unworthiness of the candidate, the deceptive use of the prize in its institutional communication.

Article 6 Award Ceremony

The Award 2020 Laureate will be presented in the framework of the 2021 UNESCO World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, on 4 March 2021.

Article 7 Acceptance of regulations

Participants unconditionally accept all the conditions set out in this announcement, committing as of now not to take any legal action against the commission and / or the lenders and not to adhere to any legal action that may also be intentioned by third parties in relation to participation in the Prize.

Article 8 Privacy

It will be necessary to read and approve the declaration on Privacy enclosed in the nomination form, in accordance with the current European Legislation on privacy.


Download and fill out the 2020 WFEO GREE Women in Engineering Award Nomination form

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