WFEO-CEIT is exploring new approaches for Earthquake Prediction with seismo-electromagnetic technologies

WFEO-CEIT is exploring new approaches for Earthquake Prediction with seismo-electromagnetic technologies

WFEO Standing Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (WFEO-CEIT) is planning to launch an initiative for breaking through both scientific & engineering problem in earthquake prediction. To explore new approaches for earthquake prediction, WFEO-CEIT, working with the committee on Earthquake Observation from space of Seismological Society of China, hosted a workshop of Big Data and Seismo-ionospheric precursors in July 15th, 2016.

Senior researchers including the leader of the China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite Mission (CSES) which is the first space-based observation platform in the strategic plan of China earthquake stereoscopic observation system, and the professor at the Institute of Crustal Dynamics, China Earthquake Administration (CEA), Prof. SHEN Xuhui, the director of the National Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Environment, China Research Institute of Radio-wave Propagation, Prof. WU Jian, and the Secretary-General of the Seismological Society of China, Prof. LI Xiaojun attended the workshop and had a thorough discussion on the innovative approaches for short-term and imminent earthquake prediction with monitoring and studying the seismo-ionospheric perturbations.

Studies presented at the workshop suggested that strong seismic activity often causes electromagnetic anomalies in the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field, which would be a technology breakthrough for monitoring and prediction of earthquakes. International cooperation and a global research initiative for Earthquake Prediction and Disaster Mitigation from both Space and ground Earthquake Observation are highly recommended by all the participants of the workshop.

A Presentation on this subject will be delivered by Prof. Gong Ke during WECDRR 2016 plenary session.


For more information:

WFEO Standing Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (WFEO-CEIT)  WFEO Standing Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (WFEO-CEIT) website

China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite Mission (CSES)  China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite Mission (CSES) website

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