Committee on Young Engineers / Future Leaders (YE/FL)

Young Engineers / Future Leaders (YE/FL) is a Standing Committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, which gathers together young engineers, students, and council members as official members from national engineering associations representing their country.

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Membership and Organization

There are 2 categories of membership, Official members and Corresponding Members.

WFEO YE/FL official members are appointed by their national engineering associations. Their tasks are to represent their national engineering association and, therefore, to represent their country. The incumbency of official members depends only on respective national engineering associations. Recommended terms are two to four years. The appointees are voting members of the Council.

Corresponding Members are interested young engineers who are not nominated by their countries. They can contribute to all the activities, but do not have voting rights. There can be more than one corresponding member from each country.

STC Leadership Structure

The YEFL STC runs a semi-structured approach to committee activities:

  • STC Chair – Provides overarching steers/direction
  • STC Leadership – STC Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary (see list below)
  • STC Members – Official national members nominated by national member countries (see the 2016 updated list of official members below). Please note that the STC also enjoys the membership of corresponding members who have not been included in the official members’ list.
  • Event Host Committee – National member countries hosting the annual World Engineers’ Congress sets up a host committee that work closely with the YEFL STC Leadership to plan the STC forums, conferences and events. The Event host committees enrich the STC events by bringing in valuable local, region-specific ideas and issues, enabling the discussion of these peculiar issues and the seamless delivery of STC events.

At this time, there are no other active sub-committees on the YEFL STC. The YEFL STC delivers a collaborative structure that allows young engineers to self-nominate to deliver volunteer roles. The flexibility of the structure helps to ensure open and willing commitment to YEFL STC ideals, whilst also ensuring members are not overwhelmed by responsibilities at any time. STC leadership monitors progress on these activities by setting up online group chats for each activity.

Decisions are jointly reached through any of the communication media. Additionally, all correspondence, minutes, white papers, position papers etc. are usually the collaborative effort of the STC leadership team, and usually collaboratively authored and reviewed using online collaborative editing tools. The STC leadership is also often exerted by the STC Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary in the event of an urgent issue, nomination or delivery. STC leadership hopes that, in the future, the breadth of committee activities can be expanded such that sub-committees are needed and such roles are actively and enthusiastically taken on by a wider base of committee members.

YEFL STC Leadership

WFEO Vice President, YEFL STC Chair Zainab Garashi Kuwait
YEFL STC Vice-Chair Kate Johnson United States
YEFL STC Secretary Christopher Chukwunta Nigeria

YEFL STC Membership

Pablo Bereciartua Argentina
Daniel Rowe Australia
Hussain Maki Bahrain
Kazi Khairul Bashar Bangladesh
Victor Miranda Belize
Vinicius Marchese Marinelli Brazil
Mario Poveda Costa Rica
Farida Taher Egypt
Milène Guermont France
Sebastian Siemes Germany
Andres Escoar Honduras
Rahul Gaba India
Grace Onyango Kenya
Zainab Garashi Kuwait
Mohamad Makkouk Lebanon
Chris Chuks Chukwunta Nigeria
Waqas Latif Pakistan
Manuel Asmat Peru
Amadu Barrie Sierra Leone
Fam Mei Ling Singapore
Goran Pregelj Slovenia
Andrew Mckune South Africa
Friedrich Kalix Switzerland
Richard Moh Taiwan, China
Wakati Ramadhani Tanzania
Salem Ali Bin Kenaid United Arab Emirates
Kate Johnson United States
Tendai Nharo Zimbabwe

Publications and Journals

The YE/FL produces above mentioned reports, which are to be sent out to official members and corresponding members.

Succession Planning

YE/FL reviews and advances its action plan annually at the YE/FL council at the WFEO conferences so that the broadest group of young engineers has the chance to take part in the YE/FL activities.

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