Committee on Information and Communication (CIC)

The WFEO-CIC holds as a duty to help lead forward the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in order for it to be applied globally, and focuses on developing countries where narrowing the gap has become essential.

ICT for Sustainable Development

ICT Innovation in Emerging Economies

Information Technologies for Smart Cities

ICT in Quality of Engineering Education

Big Data Analytics

Operations and Budget

Financial Provisions and resources for WFEO-CIC

WFEO-CIC expects to spend, on a yearly basis, around 77,000 Euros (with an inflation of five per cent every year on average) for travel and stay of the Chair and other office-bearers of IEI in connection with WFEO Executive Board and Executive Council meetings along with WFEO General Assembly and other bilateral and multi-lateral events; Cost of Infrastructure, staff and related expenses at the Secretariat; Sponsorships for Seminars, Conferences and Workshops; and also the Publications, which shall come from a combination of funding mainly from IEI and other sponsors / advertisements, etc and monetary support extended by WFEO, if any.

If successful in involving WB, ADB and other organizations, the funds received from these organizations towards Seminars, Conferences and Workshops along with the publications shall be over and above what has been indicated above.

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