Committee on Information and Communication (CIC)

The WFEO-CIC holds as a duty to help lead forward the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in order for it to be applied globally, and focuses on developing countries where narrowing the gap has become essential.

ICT for Sustainable Development

ICT Innovation in Emerging Economies

Information Technologies for Smart Cities

ICT in Quality of Engineering Education

Big Data Analytics

Membership and Organization


The WFEO–CIC is hosted by the Institute of Engineers (India) of India and chaired by Mr. S S Rathore, who has served in several senior portfolios in India. He was also the Chair of Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technology (CEIT) for the term 2010-2015.

Other committee members

  • Committee Secretary
  • Secretary
  • Advisory committee
  • Indian Member Committee of WFEO (IMC-WFEO)


There are two categories of membership, Member and Corresponding Member. A Member is an active participant on one or more projects or initiatives of the committee, and likely to attend the annual meetings of the Committee. If the Member is nominated and sanctioned by the WFEO Member Organization for their country, then this member has voting privileges for any motions put forward at CIC meetings. If the Member is not the official representative of the WFEO Member Country, they may participate in all activities and meetings of the CIC, but cannot vote. Recruitment of members will be an on-going effort. A Corresponding Member is copied on such items as minutes, the newsletter, reports and so forth, participates in a supportive role but would not be leading a project and may or may not attend the annual face-to-face meetings of the CIC.

The secretary will maintain a current list of members and their contact information. Periodically CIC members will be polled to ensure their contact information and membership is accurate.

Working mechanism of WFEO-CIC

  • Working with international and local organizers to organize projects and advance progress in focus
  • Encouraging collaboration among committee members as well as other standing committees of the
    WFEO as appropriate;
  • Focusing on concrete and measurable deliverables and tracking progress;
  • Communicating in an open, forthright and timely manner;
  • Reporting to, and liaising with, the WFEO Executive Board and Council;
  • Involvement in ongoing projects and experiments in practice and summarize experiences acquired /
    lessons learnt;
  • Training / Awareness Courses for dissemination of accumulated inputs from the projects;
  • Seminars / Conferences / Workshops/monographs for exchanging ideas and exploring new
    approaches related to the tasks;
  • Committee Website, being an efficient means for working, communication and dissemination of
    information; and
  • Quarterly e-Publication as a means for exchange and archiving information.

Work plan for the secretariat of WFEO-CIC

The Secretariat of WFEO-CIC — which will comprise of an efficient and dedicated work-force, shall function under the leadership of IEI with the overall objective of extending effective support towards facilitating the following:

  • Managing the WFEO-CIC Budget, annual activities and treating with administrative issues;
  • Provide logistic support in all the mentioned above activities;
  • Serving to the committee members and invite non-committee member to join a committee as a way
    to add needed expertise in area, and to recruit potential committee members;
  • Improving internal communication with the use of social networks;
  • Publishing Special Reports / Monographs / Country Papers;
  • Preparing activity reports, including annual and biennial reports;
  • Helping the WFEO-CIC Chair by circulating memoranda and being responsible for liaison when the Chair participates in the WFEO extended executive council meetings, the WFEO general assembly, and other conferences;
  • Communicating with WFEO office in Paris and prepare reports of to WFEO headquarter.


Chair, Co Chair

Member Position and affiliation
S S Rathore Chairman, Vice President WFEO and Past President IEI
Navin B Vasoya Co-Chairman, Past President IEI
Maj Gen (Retd) S Bhattacharya, VSM, Ph.D. Secretary, Secretary and Director General IEI

Indian Member Committee (IMC-WFEO) for session 2016-2017 and Representatives from Govt. Ministries & Organizations and PSUs on the IMC-WFEO


Member Position and affiliation
Ashok Kumar Basa Special Invitee — National Member WFEO and Past President IEI
H C S Berry Member — Immediate Past President IEI
Muhammad Ashraf Fazili Member — Council Member IEI
Dr D N Reddy Member — Council Member IEI
Mr S B Vasava Member — Council Member IEI


Member Country
M C T Pareva India
K K Chakarvarti India
S S Kohli India
S Gangopadhyay India
B N Malhotra India
Paritosh Kumar India
S K Chaudhary India
Y K Jain India
V K Gupta India
A S Bakshi India
S K Agrawal India
D P Bhargava India
S K Singh India
J C Sharma India

Recommending Members

Member Organization
Zide Du CIC, CCF, China
Sqidu Njidda Nigeria Ing. Teh. Dep. Agency (NITDA)
Oble Ibo Pierre Joseph Compagnie Ivoirienne D’Electricité, Côte d’Ivoire
Zhou Yi Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES)
F. C. Chan HKIE, Hong Kong, China
Mingcheng Sheng Institute of Information Industry, Chinese Taipei
Ben R. Aniagyei Ghana Institution of Engineer
Josern K. Buqcsa Ghana Institution of Engineer
Tong-Seng Kao CSMC Chinese Taipei
Richard K. Chepkwony Institution of Engineer of Korea
Ben Rafemoyo Engineering Council of Zimbabwe
Dr. Warjan Engineers Board of Kenya
Luis Fruet FEBRAE, Brazil
Paulo Sergio Saran FEBRAE, Brazil
Yingnan Liang CAST, China
Chen Mingming CAST, China
Andrew Cleland Institute of New Zealand Engineers

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