Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (CEIT) (2007 - 2015)

The Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies has set its objectives in the area of technological advancements to identify suitable technologies for sustainable development, especially in the context of the UN Millennium Development Goals and the Bali Action Plan.

Innovation in Nano Technology

Innovation in Smart Materials

Innovation for Sustainable Development

Innovation in Public Systems

Sensor Network – Virtual Reality


The Institution of Engineers (India) served as host of the Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies (CEIT), for a four year term from November 2007 to September 2011. The Committee was earlier known as WFEO Standing Committee on Technology and was transferred to India from Puerto Rico in November 2007. The Committee was renamed as Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies in October 2010.

In 2011, The Institution of Engineers (India) informed the WFEO of its willingness to continue to host this committee for a second term from September 2011 to the WFEO General Assembly in December 2015. The Chair and Secretariat from The Institution of Engineers (India) have prepared this strategic plan, which was formally approved by EIT members in Sept.2011. Subsequently as a need arose the Strategic has been revised in November 2013.

In the first term a 4 year strategic plan was developed and implemented effectively and concluded in September 2011. The plan for the second term was based on the outcome of the first plan and the need expressed by WFEO. As desired by WFEO, the Committee also effectively developed the website for WFEO and maintained it till it was transferred to headquarters.

This plan includes the task to identify and secure the commitment of new host country fot the committee starting in January 2016 subject to the approval of the new WFEO General Assembly.

This committee assumed its responsibilities and is operating in accordance with Annex C – Standing Committees that is included as part of the WFEO Constitution which took effect following the WFEO General Assembly in September 2011. Sections of that Annex were incorporated in this plan under operations and finances.

Vision for WFEO-CEIT

CEIT enables WFEO and a worldwide engineering profession to support plan for the Post-2015 Global Development Agenda, which will also take into consideration the outcome of UN Millennium Development Goals. The present assessment of the UN of outcomes of the UN Millennium Development Goals indicate that goals and targets had not been met in most of the cases as financing and technology development could not be as innovative as desired. The Committee has therefore developed a vision which will make WFEO the lead global organization which help UN to establish Post-2015 Development Agenda most appropriately.

WFEO-CEIT has developed its Vision to ensure long-term and effective actions that reads as under:

WFEO-CEIT undertakes to lead the engineering profession worldwide towards promotion and application of engineering for innovative technologies for sustainable development through interaction with global leaders and networking with various stakeholders like governments, industry, academia, financing institutions along with civil society.

The Committee has primarily two pronged action, viz. (i) Propagation and Promotion of Innovative Technologies; and (ii) approach WFEO members countries in different regions preferably through networking, e-mail and website.

Mission Statement for WFEO-CEIT

The WFEO-CEIT in networking with national members and other WFEO Standing Committees, execute thematic, result oriented programme for 2011-2015. The Mission of the Committee is broadly is stated as follows:

  • Identify innovative technologies suitable for sustainable development especially in the context of Millennium Development Goals and the Bali Action Plan.
  • Create capacities for transfer, adaptation and development of new innovative technologies and disseminate such information to other developing countries.
  • Facilitate international and regional conferences, seminars, training and other awareness programmes to promote engineering practices worldwide.
  • Recognize outstanding contribution of engineers and technologists from all over the world and established linkages with various, regional, national, international institutions involved in promotion of engineering innovation.
  • Promote innovation through institutional integration by bringing all stake holders i.e. research agencies, academia and industry together.
  • Formulate its Strategic Action Plan which includes creation of “Nodal Centers for Innovative Technologies” to focus technology transfer, in the spirit of UNFCCC.
  • Support WFEO President’s task force to effectively engage with the UN Commission on Sustainable Development to provide perspective on innovative technologies.

Mandate of WFEO–CEIT

The WFEO–CEIT shall support the WFEO and the engineering profession worldwide by:

  • Encouraging and supporting EIT theme leaders to organize international webinars, workshops and seminars related to their work within the strategic plan.
  • Drafting practice guidelines and policies related to engineering and the environment for the consideration and approval of the WFEO Executive Council and WFEO members.
  • Communicating to the WFEO and the international community on the work of the CEIT.
  • The WFEO-CEIT shall work in two clearly defined categories: (A).Propagation and (B) Promotion. These are defined as follows:


Society needs awareness of the new technologies that come into existence in various sectors for adoption and effective usage. The Committee has taken up propagating the aspects of the technologies by reaching out to the people among the rural areas especially in under developed and developing countries. Wide publicity through video presentations, distribution of hand bills and bulletins, if required, in the local languages is being resorted to, which is being well received by the target groups. In urban areas among the educated by organizing Seminars and Workshops dissemination of technology is being under taken.


The Committee, in order to promote innovative technology has been providing both financial and mentorship support to under graduate engineering students is carrying out R & D projects. This is to improve the quality of technical education as well as bring out the hidden talent from the socially weaker section students towards innovations and inventions.

The UNESCO partnership or patronage will certainly enhance the outcome of the endeavor of the Committee.

Operating Principles

The WFEO-CEIT will conduct its business in a transparent, inclusive and consultative manner among its members as well as the other committees and structures within the WFEO by:

  • Working with local organizers to organize projects and advance progress on the themes
  • Encouraging collaboration among committee members as well as other standing committees of the WFEO as appropriate
  • Focusing on concrete and measurable deliverables and tracking progress
  • Communicating in an open, forthright and timely manner
  • Reporting to, and liaising with, the WFEO Executive Board and Council. The WFEO-CEIT 2011-2015 strategic plan focus on the theme to improve the utilization of limited financial and volunteer resources. The plan is a ‘living’ document will be reviewed annually.

WFEO committee on engineering for innovative technologies focuses on recognizing the new innovative technologies and promoting the world wide contributions of eminent researcher through technologies nodal centers to focus mainly technology transfer in the spirit of UNFCCC by approaching WFEO member countries in different regions and to organize regional meeting and conferences as per WFEO charter.

WFEO-CEIT will facilitate technology adaption mainly nano technology smart materials smart materials sensor networks convergence of micro nano bio info virtual reality and bio engineering in the developing and under developing countries by promoting planning and execution of innovative technologies for sustainable product development, productive innovation in industry and innovation for sustainable development.

The WFEO-Committee on Engineering for Innovative Technologies focuses on recognizing and promoting the worldwide contributions of women engineers and young engineers by quilting and disseminating success stories and to initiate dialogue with governments, international agencies, industries and other stake-holders to promote the objectives of WFEO.

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