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This is the FINAL episode in our Engineering Leaders mini-series.
Today, 4th March 2020 is World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development.

This episode marks the end of the mini-series that was supported by the World Federation for Engineering Organisations. 17 episodes from 18 engineers from around the globe speaking to us about their world with a single Sustainable Development Goal.

When Dr Marlene Kanga stepped into the president role of WFEO she set some audacious goals. These goals were not going to be easy to achieve, she knew it would be difficult. But if she managed to reach these goals…. well, the world would be a changed place.

We spoke to Marlene back in late October 2019, before the day had been officially confirmed.

Have a listen to Marlene explaining her journey of getting as many nations as possible to support her dream of a World Engineering Day.

If you want to know more about the World Engineering Day, check out their website at


We hope that everyone everywhere can reflect upon how on this one day, the world is coming together to celebrate and appreciate and encourage all engineers across the world to make this planet the best possible place for humans to live.


Thank You.

Mel & Dom couldn’t have created this incredible body of work without the unwavering support of Dr Marlene Kanga and all the people at the World Federation of Engineering Organisations.

We love that this podcast can now be forever and freely be connected to the inaugural World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development.