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UNESCO / WFEO COP-21 Parallel event

2015-12-08 - Paris, France - · · · ·


A COP 21 parallel event organized by WFEO in partnership with UNESCO entitled “COP-21 Engineers Climate Change Summit: Turning Words Into Action – A Sectoral Approach” took place in Paris last 8th of December.

The program focused on the following three sectors that are impacted by climate now and in the future:

  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Infrastructure and Urbanization
  • Energy and Transport

  The WFEO COP-21 Engineering Summit Statement can be accessed here.

The voice of the world’s engineers was heard at the 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan

2015-03-14 - Sendai, Japan - · · · · · ·


Engineer Prof. Toshimitsu Komatsu, the chair of the World Federation of Engineering Organisation’s Committee of Disaster Risk Management, took part in the conference (14-18 March 2015) to stress the importance of engineering in preparations for disasters. He represented WFEO in sessions on multiple urban risks and resilient cities, and on resilient land using big data.

A poster presentation on adaptation for water-related and landslide disasters was also contributed. WFEO is part of the International Consortium on Landslides which met in March to sign a partnership with the United Nations Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR).

  View the web page

UNFCCC Conference of the Parties Meeting No. 20 (COP-20)

2014-12-01 - Lima, Peru - · · ·

WFEO Contact: David Lapp


A delegation from the COLEGIO DE INGENIEROS DEL PERU CONSEJO NACIONAL organized and supported by the Committee on Engineering and the Environment attended the UNFCCC COP-20 meeting in Lima on behalf of WFEO and the CEE.

Their report can be accessed here.

Thank you to the Colegio for their participation and reporting.

  View the report

WFEO partnership with UNFCCC Nairobi Work Programme on climate adaptation

2014-08-06 - Paris, France - · · ·

WFEO Contact: Darrel Danyluk

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has a workstream called the Nairobi Work Programme which focuses on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. WFEO’s Environment Committee is engaging as a partner in the work programme.

Quoted in the programme’s latest newsletter, the committee chair Darrel Danyluk said: “The Nairobi Work Programme provides the WFEO a platform to share engineers’ knowledge and expertise on adaptation to climate change. As a partner organisation, the WFEO goes from engineering to governance. In partnership with various organisations, the WFEO released the PIEVC Engineering Protocol, which is used to assess the engineering vulnerability of infrastructure to the climate.”

UNESCO Director General compliments WFEO and WECC2015

2014-06-11 - Paris, France - · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

UNESCO Director General compliments WFEO and WECC2015

The Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, has complimented WFEO on its active engagement with UNESCO and the United Nations and has confirmed her readiness to attend the World Engineering Conference & Convention in Kyoto in 2015.

The meeting with the Director General was attended by WFEO Executive Director, Tahani Youssef, the Japanese Ambassador to UNESCO, H. E. Mr Kenjiro Monji, and the Director of UNESCO’s Basic and Engineering Sciences Division, Maciej Nalecz.

WFEO has been working closely with the Japanese Embassy in preparation for the meeting as part of the build up to the World Engineering Conference & Convention.

  Visit WECC2015 web page
Organizers of the WECC2015: Dr. Ito and Dr. Sato

Technological Communities Comment on “UN NGLS Policy Brief #2 Recommendations on Energy” for Sustainable Development Goals process

2014-06-03 - Paris, France - · · · · · ·


WFEO Contact: Reginald Vachon

In November 2013, the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) released Policy Brief #2 – Recommendations on Energy for the UN General Assembly Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (OWG on SDGs) containing a series of recommendations related to nuclear power generation.

A WFEO member organization, the American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES), noted several misconceptions in such recommendations and requested that the WFEO-UN Relations Committee (WURC) to analyze and comment on those recommendations.

WURC together with the WFEO Energy Committee produced the Technological Communities Comment on the policy brief and requested UN-NGLS to publish it in the same way and format as those of the original Policy Brief #2.

  Download Technological Communities Comment NGLS Policy Brief 2.

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting in Bonn – WFEO participation

2014-06-01 - Bonn, Germany - · · · · ·

WFEO Contact: Darrel Danyluk

The WFEO Environment Committee will be representing the engineering profession at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference and meeting in Bonn from 4th to 15th June.

Darrel Danyluk, chair of the committee, will be representing WFEO with the support of David Lapp.

WFEO also has a stand in the exhibition space from 10th to 15th June to promote contributions to adaptation and mitigation from the engineering profession and to raise the awareness of participating sectoral groups.

Presentation to expert meeting on commodities and development for UNCTAD

2014-04-09 - Geneva, Switzerland - · · · · ·

WFEO Contact: Daniel Favrat

Dr. Daniel Favrat will speak at the expert meeting on commodities and development, organised by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Dr. Favrat is the Europe/Russia representative on the WFEO Committee on Energy and the director of Energy Center at the École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. His presentation will take place in a session entitled ‘Role of renewable energy in promoting commodity-based sustainable growth and development: addressing challenges in developing renewable energy or alternative energy options’. The work of WFEO Committees including Capacity Building, Environment and Disaster Risk Management will also be referred to.

WFEO participates in meeting on developing a new ISO standard against bribery

2014-03-25 - Madrid, Spain - · · · · ·

WFEO Contact: Martin Manuwha

Kamel Ayadi, past President of WFEO and immediate past chairman of the WFEO Committee on Anti-Corruption, will represent WFEO and the engineering profession in discussions to develop a new international standard on Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ISO 37001).

WFEO attends Scientific Meeting with 2014 UNESCO-L’Oreal Women in Science Laureates

2014-03-18 - Paris, France - · · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

WFEO representations have accepted invitations to attend an evening reception at UNESCO Headquarters for women researchers in science as part of the L’Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science Awards.

WFEO Secretariat feeds into Future UN initiative

2014-03-13 - Paris, France - ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

The secretariat staff of WFEO have completed a survey on the future of the United Nations development system giving the perspective of the engineering profession.

WFEO supports International Women’s Day events at UNESCO

2014-03-08 - Paris, France - · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

The NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee, in partnership with the UNESCO Secretariat, has invited WFEO to participate in the launch of a new initiative called ‘Women Make the News’ on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

WFEO reviews progress report of Open Working Group on SDGs

2014-02-18 - Ottowa, Canada - · · · · · ·

WFEO Contact: Darrel Danyluk

The WFEO Committee on Engineering in the Environment has been reviewing the latest progress report by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) from their Open Working Group of the General Assembly on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – the successors to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). WFEO is one of the three Organising Partners for the UN Scientific & Technology Major Group to participate in UN activities on achieving sustainable development.

Engagements with World Trade Organisation on mobility of engineering professionals

2014-02-17 - Paris, France - · ·

WFEO Contact: Abdul Alameddine

The WFEO Committee on Education in Engineering has ongoing intermittent contacts with the WTO on the issue of mobility of engineering professionals. See the WFEO mobility policy.

Support to International Energy Agency research project

2014-02-17 - California, United States - · ·

WFEO Contact: Sam Grossman

The WFEO Committee on Energy is supporting a group of international scientists currently working on a project of the International Energy Agency (IEA) called Annex 57 on questions related to the integration of embodied energy consumption and embodied greenhouse-gas emissions and their considerations into design and decision making processes.

Support UNESCO Disaster Risk Reduction Unit WFEO members expertise earthquakes

2014-02-12 - Paris, France - · · · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

The WFEO Secretariat has been supporting a consultant to the UNESCO Disaster Risk Reduction Unit who is working on the UNESCO contribution to the successor of the Hyogo Framework for Action – organised by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) – which was established to make the world safer from natural hazards. The Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015 was endorsed by the UN General Assembly in the Resolution A/RES/60/195 following the 2005 World Disaster Reduction Conference. WFEO recommended contacts from its Committee on Disaster Risk Management (and related task forces), from its national member database and from its forthcoming ‘map of the engineering profession’ database. A meeting between the WFEO committee and the UNESCO team is being arranged, through the UNESCO Engineering Initiative, to coincide with the next WFEO Executive Board meeting.

WFEO Committee on Anti-Corruption appointed as Liaison on new anti-bribery standard

2014-02-01 - Geneva, Switzerland - · · · · ·

WFEO Contact: Martin Manuwha

Building on the success of the introduction of a British Standard (BS 10500) for Anti-Bribery Management Systems, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has launched a Project Committee to create a similar international standard (ISO 37001). Neill Stansbury is chairing the committee – Neill is the co-founder and Director of Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre and is active as a member of the WFEO Committee on Anti-Corruption.

The International Standard Organisation has confirmed WFEO as an ‘organisation in liaison’ on the project, and will be represented by Kamel Ayadi who is the past Chairman of the WFEO Committee on Anti-Corruption. WFEO has Liaison A status, meaning that it is empowered to ‘make an effective contribution to the work of the [project] for questions dealt with by the [project]‘.

Participating countries are: Australia; Austria; Canada; China; Colombia; Czech Republic; Côte d’Ivoire; Denmark; France; Germany; Israel; Nigeria; Norway; Serbia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Tunisia; United Kingdom; United States; Zambia.

Observing countries are: Argentina; Armenia; Ecuador; Finland; Hong Kong (China); Italy; Japan; South Korea; Lithuania; Malaysia; Netherlands; New Zealand; Poland; Thailand.

UNESCO partners WFEO on World Engineers’ Convention 2015

2013-11-28 - Kyoto, Japan - · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

UNESCO has partnered with WFEO and Japan national member JFES for the fifth World Engineers’ Convention in Kyoto.

UNESCO partners WFEO on World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure

2013-11-02 - Abuja, Nigeria - · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

UNESCO has partnered with WFEO and Nigeria national member NSE for the World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure in Abuja.

UNESCO partners WFEO on World Engineers’ Summit 2013

2013-09-09 - Marina Bay, Singapore - · · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

UNESCO has partnered with WFEO and Singapore national member IES for the World Engineers’ Summit in Singapore. Messages for the summit were received from Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO and Ms Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Endorsement of Statement of Support for Sustainable Energy for All

2012-09-06 - Paris, France - · · · · · · ·

WFEO Contact: Darrel Danyluk

WFEO endorsed the pan-engineering statement of support for the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative. The support of the world’s engineering profession was highlighted at a High-Level Group meeting in London and at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference.

UNESCO partners WFEO on World Engineers’ Convention 2011

2011-09-04 - Geneva, Switzerland - · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

UNESCO has partnered with WFEO and Swiss national member SIA for the fourth World Engineers’ Convention in Geneva.

UNESCO – WFEO Framework Agreement 2009-2014

2009-01-01 - Paris, France - ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

WFEO’s agreement of the 5-year agreement with UNESCO as an NGO was renewed. See

UNESCO partners WFEO on World Engineers’ Convention 2008

2008-12-03 - Brasilia, Brazil - · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

UNESCO has partnered with WFEO and Brazil national member FEBRAE for the third World Engineers’ Convention in Brasilia.

WFEO partners with UNESCO on the first UNESCO Engineering Report

2006-10-02 - Paris, France - · · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

WFEO has partnered with UNESCO on the production of the first global report on engineering, the UNESCO Engineering Report. The President of WFEO, Kamel Ayadi met with the Director-General in March 2006 to support the report, and production of the report was approved in October 2006.

WFEO at UN conference: Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States

2005-01-10 - Port Louis, Mauritius - · · · · · · · · ·

WFEO Contact:

WFEO participated in the Mauritius International Meeting to review the Barbados Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (BPOA). The meeting resulted in the Mauritius Strategy of Implementation.

WFEO was one of 48 accredited organisations, and the only organisation representing science and technology. All 14 priority areas of the Barbados Programme of Action, and most of the additional 5 priorities from the Mauritius Strategy of Implementation, are very closely related to engineering issues.

SIDS was established as part of Agenda 21 of the UNCED conference in 1992 (the ‘Earth Summit’) and operates through the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD).

UNESCO partners WFEO on World Engineers’ Convention 2004

2004-11-02 - Shanghai, China - · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

UNESCO has partnered with WFEO and Chinese national member CAST for the second World Engineers’ Convention in Shanghai.

WFEO partners with UNESCO on Mondialogo Engineering Award

2003-03-10 - Paris, France - · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

WFEO has partnered with UNESCO on the Mondialogo Engineering Awards. The President of WFEO will participate on the judging panel of the awards.

Engineered Energy Technologies report & panel presentation to UNCSD

2001-04-30 - New York, United States - · · · · · · ·

WFEO Contact:

WFEO has published a report called “Engineered Energy Technologies to Create Economical Solutions”, referred to as “The Engineers’ Report”. The report is the result of a jointly-sponsored panel presented to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) at its 2001 annual meeting in New York.

The event itself provided a significant opportunity for delegates and representatives to the United Nations to talk with energy engineering professionals. The first-hand knowledge was of particular value to developing countries considering ways to incorporate principles of sustainable development in addressing their energy needs.

The invitation to present at the UNCSD meeting was arranged by the U.S. Department of State.

The report was made possible by the World Federation of Engineering Organisations and its Committee on Technology (ComTech) and the American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES) – the national member of the United States to WFEO.

UNESCO partners WFEO on World Engineers’ Convention 2000

2000-06-19 - Hannover, Germany - · ·

WFEO Contact: Tahani Youssef

UNESCO has partnered with WFEO and German national member VDI for the first World Engineers’ Convention in Hannover.

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