Jorge Spitalnik’s Global Engineering Magazine interview

Jorge Spitalnik Global Engineering Magazine interview

In April 2016, Jorge Spitalnik gave an interview to Tsolmontuya B. , Editor of the magazine “Global Engineering Magazine” which is the magazine of the Mongolian Federation of Engineering Organizations.



First of all, please greet first readers of the “Global Engineering” magazine.

It is with great satisfaction that, in the name of WFEO, I extend my warm salutation to our Mongolian colleagues with my congratulations on the issuance of this first number of the “Global Engineering” publication.

Please give us some information about what big activities the World Federation of Engineering Organizations is planning to conduct this year.

WFEO will continue creating channels among its member organizations to promote initiatives of mobility of engineers. In order to facilitate mobility of engineering professionals globally, WFEO will work with Professional Licensing agencies, Regulatory agencies and National professional organizations to develop cross-border practice of engineering.

Based on WFEO strong global engineering leadership, it will promote the engineering communities to actively contribute on the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to translate the Goals into functional activities compatible with society and the environment.

WFEO will examine with CAETS (International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences) possible new areas of cooperation between both organizations.

A business plan will be set up to create the conditions for organizing a World Engineering Forum in the coming years.

Mongolian Federation of Engineering Organizations has joined the WFEO as a member. What is the importance or significances of joining the WFEO?

WFEO is recognized by governments, intergovernmental organizations, international NGOs and the public in general, as a respected and reliable source of advice and guidance on policies, interests and concerns that relate engineering and technology to human wellbeing and natural environment management. Access to the global arena through the inclusion of local engineers into WFEO activities is a strong reason for local and regional Engineering Organizations to join.

In a context of “Sustainable Development Agenda” adopted by UN General Assembly last year, Mongolia drafted a long-term planning for Sustainable Development and adopted it. What do you think about engineers’ contribution to Sustainable Development of a country? How important it is? What do you say about how to organize engineers and work with them?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be accomplished with a broad engineering involvement. Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) offers a defensible, practical and substantial resource‎ to UN agencies coordinating efforts towards achieving the SDGs.

WFEO – through its Standing Technical Committees (STCs) – is to be involved on a long time basis to transform these goals into reality. Regarding sustainable development in a given country, engineers must be at the policy table with scientists, civic and government leaders and officials, to provide the combined expertise of knowledge and its application to develop evidence-based policies and frameworks that are technically and practically feasible.

We are living in the high technology era. The Hi-Tech makes things much easier for work and for life. But why is there still deficiency with the technologies addressed to resolve issues such as Climate Change, Desertification or Air Pollution positively? Or is there any problem to utilize the technologies designed for those issues?

WFEO has been able to establish at the UN Commission for Sustainable Development that scientifically sound and thoroughly engineered solutions, based on scientific knowledge of laws of Nature and the state of the art of engineering and technology, are the only way to address these issues.

In the recently signed COP21 Paris Agreement, the importance of fully realizing technology development and transfer in order to improve resilience to climate change and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is stressed.

The supply of energy will require the use of clean technologies that will avoid the emission of greenhouse gases. WFEO has been stressing the need to use all available safe and carbon-free energy technologies that are at our disposal.

The WFEO positions were endorsed by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s when he presented his vision for “Sustainable Energy for All” stating that “all energy sources and technologies have roles to play in achieving universal access in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable fashion”.

What activities will the WFEO conduct directing to environmental protection? What guidance or advices on this issue will the WFEO give to the Mongolian Federation of Engineering Organizations?

WFEO has been conducting several actions on environmental protection by means of successful activities conducted by its Standing Technical Committees on Engineering and the Environment, and on Energy. The Mongolian Federation of Engineering Organizations may consider appointing its engineers to take part of, and contribute to, the work performed by such Committees.

What innovations do modern engineers lack of the most? What is your opinion on this subject?

WFEO has a Standing Technical Committee on Innovation Technologies dealing with the development of modern technologies and their potential benefits to Society.

We are living in unprecedented and challenging times of development of new areas of engineering related to human health, like biological engineering, molecule cellular role, applied nano-technologies, and body rehabilitation robotics.

What would you like to say to Mongolian engineers in the end of the interview? What would you like to add on above mentioned questions?

WFEO is eager to receive the expertise and contributions of engineering colleagues from the Mongolian Federation of Engineering Organization who will be welcomed by the different Standing Technical Committees, Task Forces, and other bodies of the Federation.


Tsolmontuya.B, Editor of Global Engineering Magazine.

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