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WFEO International Conference on Engineering and food Security in Africa

June 24, 2019 - June 25, 2019

The Order of Tunisian Engineers organizes, in collaboration WFEO, an international conference on « Engineering and Food Security in Africa », that will take place in the hotel El Mouradi Gammarth, Tunis, Tunisia, 24-25 June 2019.

Indeed, the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) identified by the UN for the implementation of a sustainable development by 2030 take into account the economic, societal and environmental aspects as well as their interactions.

In this context, the Order of Tunisian Engineers invites the actors involved in this process, particularly the SDG number 2 “Zero hunger” and number 12 “Sustainable consumption and production”, to meet in order to highlight the roles of engineers in food safety and to come out with recommendations to follow.

This conference aims to create a platform where the knowledge, innovative ideas, experiences , capacity building and work fields results of engineers, scientists, policy-makers as well as representatives of civil society involved in this field, will be discussed, shared and disseminated in order to implement the “Declaration on Food Security as viewed by Engineers”.

Engineers can make a difference and collectively share their knowledge, experience and determination with others for practical regional and local solutions that improve food security within Africa and contribute to SDG Goals 2 and 12.

The two-day Conference is expected to attract approximately 250 participants (engineers, agricultural experts, food scientists, farmers, policy and decision makers) representing various countries and organizations with an interest in food security.


The Conference main topics are :

  1. Agricultural policy and engineering needs to meet the challenges of food and water security:
    • How to make agriculture an engine of growth and development in Africa?
    • New engineering fields in Africa to support transformations from subsistence to wealth-generating agriculture while addressing food security challenges
  2. Role of technology in the preservation of natural resources and agricultural development in a changing climate context:
    • Climate information systems
    • Communication networks: road, rail, river and sea
    • Identification and assessment of natural resource potential
    • Operating systems and natural resources sustainability
    • Intensification technologies under rainy and temperate sub-climates preserving the ecosystem
    • Production optimization technologies under difficult climatic conditions
    • Water networks and their impact on food security: New approaches for adaptive water management under uncertainty
    • Innovative solutions to climate change in agriculture
    • Problems and prospects for developing renewable energies in rural areas
    • Smart agriculture
    • Water Security: Assessment and preservation means of current resources, Solutions to control production costs and innovative processes for the creation of new resources.
  3. Organization of sectors and development of value chains:
    • The value chain approach in food systems in Africa
    • Engineer role in the development of value chains
    • Organization, coordination and supervision of actors
    • Development of value chains and its impact on the determinants of food security
    • Harvesting and conservation systems for agricultural production
    • Intervention strategies for reducing post-harvest losses
    • Conservation and promotion of agricultural product
  4. Human Resources Development, Engineering, Institutional Capacity Building and International Cooperation Development:
    • Training of agricultural engineer and rural engineering in Africa
    • Role of engineers in creating employment
    • Agricultural Engineer integration into the professional active life
    • International cooperation and partnership perspective (training, engineering, transfer of expertise…)

The issues to be addressed by this Conference will include the role of engineers and engineering in the following aspects of food security:

  • Identification and evaluation potentialities and preservation natural resources.
  • Agricultural production systems and natural resource sustainability.
  • Reduction post-harvest losses for agricultural production
  • Strengthening basic infrastructure, including transportation, refrigeration and communication.
  • The agri-food sector’s role as a driver of agricultural product development.
  • The impact of climate change on African food security.
  • Policy and political frameworks to enhance the reliability and sustainability of the agricultural supply chain within Africa
  • African human resource development and international cooperation.

For more information:

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Hotel El Mouradi Gammarth, Tunis


Order of Tunisian Engineers
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