Water and climate-related Disaster Risk Management (WCDRM)

Extreme natural phenomena related to water, with the potential for causing disasters such as floods, landslides, storms and droughts, are associated with the climate; there are also extreme weather behaviors such as frost, that can cause disasters.

For this reason, and in order to integrate the study of disaster risk related to water with its origin and its possible intensification by climate change, the WCDRM members are presenting a proposal to include Climate in the name of this subcommittee.

The main objective of this subcommittee is to contribute to reduce disaster risks and to increase population resilience in the event of extreme weather events.

Task group chair: Prof. Kenichi Tsukahara
Task group host country: Japan

Earthquake and tsunami-related Disaster Risk Management (ETDRM)

Strong earthquakes occur in different geological settings all around the world: active continental margins, island arcs and large crustal fault systems, and their effects are worse when tsunamis follow them.

Promoting and sharing knowledge and experiences on earthquake science and engineering is a key role to be played by the WFEO ETDRM as support for disaster risk management processes: risk assessment, reduction, prevention, preparedness and response as well as recovery and reconstruction of the affected infrastructure.

Task group chair: Javier Piqué del Pozo
Task group host country: Peru

Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM)

Capacity building under the CBDRM is aimed at improving the capacity and skills of engineering professionals to carry out effective action in the face of disasters, and is a prerequisite for the proper implementation of prevention and mitigation measures that contribute to the application of the Sendai Framework.

The CBDRM subcommittee considers it important to update scientific knowledge, skills and technical capacities continuously, with the participation of strategic partners and international experts.

Task group chair: Eng. Ashok Kumar Basa
Task group host country: India